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Tools We Love: Monday Project Management Software

monday project management software

For most of us, “Monday” signifies the beginning of the workweek and isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, so there’s nothing to love about Monday.

However, I am not about to bore you with talks about your worst day of the week in this article. is a project management software built to give you a flexible and transparent way to organize your work and teams and, ultimately, provide you with a new way of working.

With a highly visual scheduling interface and customizable workflows, adapts to the unique ways members of your team approach their projects.

As I’ll show you in this Monday project management software review, the platform is leading the industry when it comes to ease of use and security, but maybe lacking when it comes to advanced functionality.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is Monday Project Management Software?​

Monday project management software

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create your own applications and work management software. Why is Monday Project Management Software Important for Your Business?

Monday project management software was formerly known as Dapulse, it helps your teams manage complex projects, streamline workflows, and collaborate together.

With a simple user interface that reminds you of an Excel spreadsheet, it offers powerful features for planning and tracking everyday work processes. 

Why is Monday Project Management Software Important for Your Business?

Regardless of which you choose (Monday, Asana, Linear, etc.), Project management tools and software are useful because they help you keep track of tasks and see them against the backdrop of the entire project.

You will better be able to see how they relate to the bigger picture and how they affect other tasks that have yet to be done, become a work in progress or are completed.

Monday Project Management Software Features

Monday project management software

Monday project management software offers many features to help you manage teams and simple and complex projects easily. 

In this section of our review, we’ll have a quick look at some of its key features in no particular order:

Boards & Columns

Think of a board as a virtual office table where you manage your tasks (each task is known as an item) and subtasks (subitems).

Unlike in Asana, where tasks are called, Uhm, tasks and sub-tasks or, tasks and subtasks are called issues and sub-issues, respectively.

Monday project management software offers multiple boards like;

  • Mainboards: visible to all the members of your team
  • Shareable boards: visible to guests (people outside your team), like clients or freelancers.
  • Private boards: only visible to the board creator and the team members they invite.

You can cycle between these boards, changing a mainboard to a shareable board or a private board (and vice-versa) according to your needs.


You can also add various columns to each board for added customization.  

Some of the columns you can choose from include:

  • People column: shows the task assignee
  • Timeline column: displays the task or project timeline (start and end date).
  • Status column: see the task status of each task on the board.


Built for a project manager, the Monday project management software checklists help split bigger tasks into smaller sub-tasks, making them easier for your team to tackle.

Once they are done with an item, they can check the circle next to it to mark it complete.


For easy project management,  the Monday project management software lets you automate various tasks, like recurring tasks, and streamline workflows. 

You can achieve this by combining triggers and actions: triggers are events, and actions dictate what to do when a trigger happens. Monday offers various default automations that you can use to create a customizable workflow by changing triggers/actions. 

Some of its prebuilt recipes include;

  • Notifications: create alerts and reminders
  • Status Change: happens when a task status changes
  • Recurring Tasks: automate repetitive tasks

For example, here’s a recurring tasks automation you could use:

{Every time period}, clear {column name}.

You can customize it like this:

Every week on Tuesday at 10 AM, clear Status.

This way, you can eliminate the manual work, helping you stay on top of your team’s work.

Note: You can also build your own automations using the custom automation builder, but it’s currently only available for beta users. 


Just like any other remote work OS, the Monday project management software integrates with various third-party apps to streamline data flow and teamwork across your workplace software.

Monday offers integration with various third-party apps, like;

  • Google Drive: file storage and collaboration tool
  • Slack: a virtual team communication app.
  • Jira: an issue tracking software
  • GitLab: an open-source bug tracking platform.

Monday Project Management Software Pricing and Options pricing plans begin at just $8 per user, per month for the Basic tier, billed annually, which offers unlimited project management boards, with up to 5GB of storage. 

There is also a free plan for to let would-be users give the software a try for themselves first, as well as Standard ($10), Pro ($16), and Enterprise (POA) offerings. is one of the best-valued project management tools around. But is there a catch?

Price (annually)Free$8 per user, per month.$10 per user, per month.$16 per user, per month.On request
Price (monthly)Free$10 per user, per month.$12 per user, per month.$20 per user, per month.On request
Projects and boardsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of integrationsNoneNone250 actions per month.25,000 actions per month.25,000 actions per month
Number of automationNoneNone250 actions per month.25,000 actions per month.25,000 actions per month

The Monday project management software offers a 14-day free trial. This trial lets you get to grips with the provider’s Pro plan, which is great if you want to see what you’re going to get before parting with any money.

Pros & Cons of Monday Project Management Software

monday project management software

Of course, this Monday project management software review won’t be complete if I do not tell you the advantages and drawbacks of using this software;



There are lots of benefits that has to offer its customers. In this section of our review, we’ll take a closer look at the pros of

1. It’s as easy to use as a spreadsheet.

‍ is like a spreadsheet. It has the general look and feel of a spreadsheet-based application like Google Sheets. However, it is easier to use, given its more intuitive user interface. With pre-built templates, you won’t have to start from scratch, as you do with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. ‍

2. One-stop for project management and coordination

‍Unlike traditional spreadsheet-based tools, you’ll coordinate and manage your entire project and team in one online location. You’ll no longer have version control issues as every project team member will be able to access the same information from one place.

3. Collaborate on ad-hoc task management

‍Given that is like a spreadsheet, it is a perfect option for ad-hoc or repeatable task management. If you and your team typically create checklists or to-do lists that you need for a small project or a repeatable process, you can do these on with ease. 

Furthermore, you and your team can collaborate, like in Google Docs or Google Sheets, and update the text as one unit. No more emails and hand-offs.

4. Use cases are endless.

‍The potential use cases of are endless, so long as it’s just for you or a small subset of people that you work with day-in and day-out, and the work is task-based.



‍Unfortunately, has many drawbacks and limitations when it comes to using project management.

In this section of our review, we’ll take a look at the cons of Monday project management software

1. Only great for task management.

‍ may be one of the best work management tools in the market. However, when you break down its capabilities for project management, it’s only suitable for task management.

Sure, has various views: table, timeline, kanban, calendar, chart, and map. However, each is a different visualization of a task list for yourself or your small team—you’re limited to performing task management, not project management. checklist

2. It’s nothing more than collaborative boards.

‍At the core of what is trying to do is replace the product suites like Microsoft (i.e., Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint) and Google (i.e., Sheets, Drive).‍

3. Reporting is limited.

‍ has limited reporting capabilities, which are necessary for project management. If you are executing a project with more than a couple of stakeholders, you’re going to need to monitor and report progress with more than a few bulleted lists with dates attached to them.

You will need to pull together a project status report to track the project’s health, and you won’t find any feature on that will provide you with the capabilities to do so, at least not without a steep learning curve or paying for the most advanced package.


4. You cannot see everything you are responsible for

‍ allows you to visualize every task you are assigned on a specific board. However, you have to go into the page and search for your name or filter for your name to do this. Then you have to do this every time.

While this is hugely inefficient in its own right, it’s even more annoying and unproductive if you want to see every task you are assigned across multiple projects, because you can’t.

You should be able to see everything that you are responsible for completing.

Additionally, you should be able to see how others impact your work, which is task dependencies. If a task is dependent on another task, you have to go into the board and find the task and see if anything has changed.


Who has time for such inefficiency?

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

What is is a versatile work OS that powers teams to organize, structure, and streamline all programs, projects, and processes with confidence.

Through, you can use building blocks—such as boards, views, charts, automations, and integrations – to create custom workflow apps to run processes, projects, and everyday work. 

Why should I use is the most versatile project management software you’ll find on the market. You can use the platform to manage all of your projects, and also use it as a CRM, to manage your ad campaigns, track bugs, and manage video production.

We’ve found teams use it for just about anything: from teachers planning their lessons to engineers building aeroplanes.

Can I change my plan?

You can make changes to your plan at any time by changing your plan type and adding/removing users (note that post the refund period, we offer no refunds for downgrades).

To change your plan, simply go into the admin section, and click on the billing option. From there, click on “change plan,” pick your desired plan, and enjoy!

What does integrate with? allows you to seamlessly integrate all of your favourite tools. You can aggregate data from multiple apps into, and centralize all your team’s work in one place.

Some notable integrations include Slack, Google Suite,  Mailchimp, Zoom, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Excel, and many more. Read more about integrations.

Does support subtasks? supports subtasks by breaking down items created within boards into smaller items. Users can create multiple sub-items, organized by different verticals, all while housed under a single item.

You will be able to assign sub-item owners, deadlines, due dates, and more, so everyone knows exactly how they can contribute to their team’s goals.
Read more about subtasks

Is HIPAA compliant?

Yes, complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Read more about and HIPAA

How long is’s trial?’s trial is for a period of 14 days. Once your trial expires, you may purchase a subscription. View all the different plans here.

Can I import an excel document into

You can transform all of the data from your Excel spreadsheet into a board! When importing your Excel data into your board, first click on your profile picture and select “import data.”

You can then choose to either drag and drop any of your Excel files into the pop-up in the centre of the screen, or you can click to browse your documents and select your spreadsheet of choice.
Read more about Excel exporting and importing.

Does offer templates?

You can utilize your own boards as templates from your account. There are a number of templates that you can choose from, as well as customize your own!
Read more about’s templates

Does have a Gantt chart? offers its own version of a Gantt chart, referred to as the “timeline view.” Using the timeline view, you can manage your team’s workload in a visual and intuitive way.
Read more about the timeline view

Is free for students? has a free student program that offers great opportunities for many students and student organizations worldwide. University/college students, student organizations, fraternities, and sororities can all join the student program here.

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