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All You Need To Know About Affiliatable


Comparison tables are a must-have on any affiliate website, regardless of niche, business size, or how you monetize your audience. If you’re building a website, adding affiliate tables will increase clickthrough rates and, as a result, revenue. It’s an easy win if you come across sites for sale that don’t have comparison tables on commercial intent articles (i.e., buying guides and product reviews). The reason is that you can buy the site and add tables to increase your revenue.

There are numerous plugins available that can solve this. However, many of these alternatives aren’t user-friendly and can be daunting to newcomers. Whereas, Affiliatable is a simple alternative. 

In this Affiliatable review, we’ll go over the product in detail and its unique features. What’s more? Our Affiliatable review will encompass its benefits, drawbacks, and frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

What is Affiliatable?


Affiliatable is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that enables you to develop exquisite and flexible tables and boxes quickly. Affiliatable is an Amazon plugin that helps bloggers cut their affiliate website development time in half while creating visually appealing websites that perform well for their businesses.

You can also generate produce boxes, rating boxes, pro and cons boxes, and rating boxes. Affiliatable products are marketed as an “All-In-One Affiliate Toolkit.” 

These all-in-one Affiliatable toolkits are compatible with any CMS, including HTML and PHP-based sites. Since Affiliatable is cloud-based, there is no need to install any plugins.

All you need to do is create your element and paste the HTML code wherever you want it to appear on your site. The advantage of using HTML instead of a plugin is that Affiliatable will not cause your site to lag. 

Behind this cloud-based tool, there is now a whole team committed to transforming the product and customer service.

Every day, five customer support teams work together full-time to assist their customers worldwide. Affiliable professional support, future updates, and a simple money-back guarantee contribute to certifying this tool as nothing less than the best.

How Does Affiliatable Work?

Affiliatable is, in fact, a simple tool. After setting up an account, you can make a component in their web app, generate code, and paste it into the page header where you want the element to appear. Then you can use their element builder interface to create any product element you desire.

However, before you start using the service, you must take the following steps:

1. Create a New Account

The registration process is simple. Click here to create an account and fill in the required information.


2. Subscribe for the Service

A subscription is required to gain access to all features. Affiliatable prices are very reasonable, and you can choose from three different packages. 

  • The first option is to pay $19 for an unlimited monthly subscription. After payment, you’ll be able to connect many Amazon IDs (websites) as you want.
  • The second option is a $39/year annual limited subscription. Here, you can generate an unlimited number of elements but only connect to one site at a time.
  • The third option is to pay $89 per year for an unlimited annual subscription. Connect as many sites as you want and create as many elements as possible with this option.

3. Connect Your Amazon ID

The final step after opening an Affiliatable account and setting your site with base code is to design your elements in it. You can do this manually by entering product details.

Also, it can be done when you connect your Amazon associate account and find a specific product directly in the element builder. 

If you use an Amazon Associates program, you must create a new site with your Amazon Associates API.  Go to the “menu,” select “Sites,” then “Add.” 

4. Insert Base Code to Your Site

Next is to add base code to the bottom of your header section, right above the /head> tag. The base code is a simple JavaScript that retrieves the most recent CSS file from Affiliatable’s servers automatically.

Don’t worry; the script is compact and CDN-served. So, it will not slow down your site. Check your dashboard for the code. 

One significant advantage of using Affiliatable is that, unlike other WordPress table plugins, the Affiliatable page does not lag when you add the base code. 

Affiliatable Review: Features and Elements


Knowing how Affiliatable works, we’ll be moving on to its unique features that contribute to its overall excellence. Affiliatable has a wide range of elements containing eye-catching boxes and tables. Let’s review these features!  

Affiliatable Review: Features

1. Amazon API Integration

If you promote on Amazon, you can save time by connecting directly to the Amazon API. It allows you to insert key data into your elements, such as the product title, picture, and summary. 

To get started, all you need is to enter your Amazon Associates ID and the product advertising API key. And after you input the product’s ASIN code, it’ll import directly. 

One thing we love about this feature is that you can change information. For example, you may want to develop a custom item overview while still using the image.

2. Geotargeting

To monetize the website’s traffic, Affiliable redirects users to the appropriate online store.


When a visitor comes to your site, Affiliatable detects their country (based on their IP address) and saves the information in a cookie.

That is, if you change your IP address to a different country after visiting the website, the geotargeting will remain the same because it recognizes this on the first visit for optimized site speed. Please note that this geotargeting feature won’t work if you are logged in to your WordPress Admin. 

The best way to test it is to first connect to your VPN and change your IP address to another country. After connecting the VPN, you can now open a Private browsing/incognito window in your browser.

When you use an incognito window, it will prevent previous session cookies from interfering with the test and ensure that you are not logged in to your WordPress admin. Links should now redirect to the country associated with your IP address. 

In some cases, a product will automatically redirect the user to the Search page if it is not available under the same ASIN in another country.

3. Color Options

For our web pages, we all have different themes and colour palettes. The good thing about Affiliatable is that you can change the colours of the elements to match a theme.

Besides that, you can completely customize the colours of your buttons – thereby ensuring that they are unique! 

4. Multiple CTA Buttons

The possibility of adding a second CTA button to your items is a feature that many professional affiliate marketers will appreciate. Affiliatable allows you to create multiple CTA buttons using any of the elements. This feature is particularly useful if you want a “buy now CTA” and a CTA that directs people to a full, in-depth product review.

Each box’s text and colour can be completely personalized. 

5. Schema Optimized

You can improve how search engines read and depict your page in SERPs by including schema-optimized tables and boxes. 

To do this, go to settings, enable schema and add the URL that the element will be displayed on. 

Affiliatable Review: Elements

Apparently, Affiliatable has six types of elements that you can develop. Each of these elements has various pre-built layouts that you can select from. Let’s review them!

  • Comparison tables
  • Product boxes
  • Top three boxes
  • Pros and cons boxes
  • Rating boxes

1. Comparison Tables

It’s one of the effective methods to compare and contrast the features of the products you’re promoting. 

For instance, if you’re reviewing the best products in a particular category, a comparison table will help your readers distinguish between quality and quantity. Also, its call-to-action and clickable photos and titles will help in boosting conversion rates.

2. Product Boxes

After introducing your visitor to the list of best products, the next thing to do is provide a more detailed overview of each product. This is where the product boxes will swing into action.  

Product boxes convert plain text into something appealing to the eye and encourage clicks. There are eight templates available. You can test to identify which one converts best for you and your traffic.

3. Top Three Boxes

The top three boxes may be the best option to make the visitor’s decision easier and generate more conversion rate. Here, you only show the top three options in the review rather than all products.

It has the potential to boost your conversion rate. At the very least, compare it to traditional comparison tables in an A/B test. Affiliatable provides four different designs of the top three boxes. 

4. Pros and cons Boxes

Are you looking for a pros and cons box with more flair? Affiliatable got you covered! The use of pros and cons in your product reviews and on your best XYZ webpage will greatly aid conversion. They help in demonstrating independence, which in turn aids in the development of trust with your audience.

Affiliatable provides seven different design templates to choose from. 

5. Rating Boxes

This is the element to use if you want to rate specific products based on their features. Currently, Affiliatable offers only two designs to choose from. Though, the developers are constantly working on adding new and innovative designs.

Affiliatable Changelog

Over the years, Affiliatable has been working tirelessly to create a better user interface for its users.  This has led to upgrades in their services and system. 

From the onset, Affiliatable has released about thirty-five versions. This starts from Version 1.0.0 on the 12th of August, 2020, until Version 1.3.5, released on 23rd March 2022.

The first version was the launch of the beta version. This system upgrades continued by adding PA API functions, new layouts, fixing CTA button size, and improving UI and UX.

Then it introduced the support system, added custom colours, H1 to H5 tags, customized fonts, and updated additional CTA buttons.

As though that wasn’t enough, Affiliatable tweaked minor adjustments related to the billing and account handling. It changes the “product URL” text to “button URL.” Then changed the “button URL” text to “button 1 link and button 2 links” and many more!


The most recent version has a tweak on the database classes, saves data without opening the page, and you can copy the previous box template when creating from a table. 

Why Use Affiliatable?

Below are various reasons why you should consider using affiliateble.

1. Speed & Quality

Affiliatable does not need any plugins or JS installed on your website. This implies that you can easily attain a core web vitals score of 90 or higher.

2. Clean & Simple

To keep the code clean, Affiliatable only uses HTML and CSS. Add product information, choose a template, copy the embed code, and paste it into your post.

3. Customizable & Responsive

It provides sections and configurations that allow you to customize the template, colour, text format, and CTA of your pages in various ways.

Affiliatable Review: Pricing

Affiliatable is one of the most cost-effective tools to use. It’s also one of those tools that can help you earn a lot more money than it costs. We love the fact that none of its plans has any monthly fees. So, if you’re just getting started, Affiliatable has three plans to choose from, of which one is entirely free.

1. Basic Plan (free)

You can sign into Affiliatable for free forever without registering any credit card. This basic plan includes features such as:

  • Geotargeting feature
  •  One Website
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Tables & Boxes

However, the free version has some limitations, but it’s ok to try it out and see how some conversions increase. 

2. Pro (Single) Plan

This plan costs $39 per year or $199 for a lifetime. Its features include:

  • One Website
  • Unlimited Tables & Boxes
  • Replace Tracking ID
  • Premium Templates
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Live Chat Support
  • Custom categories
  • Team Member
  • Schema Optimized
  • Copy Function
  • Geotargeting feature

3. Pro (Infinite) Plan

The price of an Affiliatable pro infinite plan is $89 per year or $399 for a lifetime. Its available features include:

  • Unlimited Website
  • Premium Templates
  • Replace tracking ID
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Tables & Boxes
  • Custom categories
  • Schema Optimized
  • Copy Function
  • Live Chat Support
  • Team Member

Benefits and Drawbacks of Affiliatable


Affiliatable Review: Benefits

  •  It is entirely user-friendly and needs no coding knowledge to operate.
  • It has a fully functional free version that includes numerous management features.
  • Ongoing customer support that typically responds within 40 minutes.
  • It does not affect the speed of your website.
  • It’s an all-in-one Affiliate toolkit that every marketer needs.

Affiliatable Review: Drawbacks

There are two (2) major drawbacks of affiliatable, which include;

  • You can only manage it from your WordPress dashboard.
  • It can only be synchronized with their plugin automatically.

Quick Facts About Affiliatable

  • Affiliatble customers have reported a 12.6% increase in conversions.
  • Over 1,000 successful affiliate marketers use Affiliatable.
  • Hundreds of positive comments about their customer service team.
  • Affiliatable reported the connection of over 100 new websites in a relatively shorter period of time.
  • So far, Affiliatable has been used to create over 102,493 tables and boxes.

Affiliatable Marketing Program

Do you want to earn money by referring to Affiliatable? Here’s how the Affiliatable marketing program works.

Associates in the Affiliatable marketing program earn commissions when they refer customers who subscribe to an Affiliatable plan. Affiliatable keeps track of the number of paid referrals you provide.  

If you’re thinking about joining the affiliate program, click here to create an account.

Program Details

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payout threshold: $250

Commission Tiers

  • Starter –   15% per 12 months
  • Growth (100 paid referrals and above) –  25% / 12 months
  • Expert (200 paid referrals and above)  – 35% / 12 months

FAQs on Affiliatable

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Affiliatable. 

Who is Affiliatable Meant for?

Affiliatable is explicitly designed for affiliate marketers. All of the features are simple to use, and you can set up your first table or box in under 5 minutes.

Can you Use Affiliatable on Multiple Sites?

Yes, it’s possible to use Affiliatable on multiple websites. But you can use it on even many more sites if you subscribe to the pro infinite plan or pro unlimited plan.

Will Affiliatable work on Non-WordPress Sites?

Yes, Affiliatable can work on any website, including WordPress, Blogger, and PHP or HTML coding websites. All you have to do now is add an Affiliatable snippet code to your website’s header and start creating tables.

Will Affiliatable Slow Down My Website?

Absolutely not! Cloud websites store Affiliatable’s products and content in the cloud. As a result, it does not require the installation of any plugins and will not affect the speed of your website. 

Does Affiliatable Work with all Affiliate Programs?

Yes, just add your affiliate tracking link to the relevant CTA button.

Should I Have Affiliatable for Any of My Affiliate Websites?

Of course! It assists in increasing your conversion rate, which in turn increases your revenue.

What’s Affiliatable Refund Policy?

If you have a yearly or lifetime subscription plan,  you can request a refund seven days after subscribing. However, Affiliatable may deny your request if your account has seen a lot of activity during that time.

Final Thoughts

Affiliatable is one of the most affordable affiliate table builders on the market. If you’re searching for appealing, fully customizable tables to add to your site and entice visitors to click, Affiliatable is worth looking at.



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