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Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on TikTok In 2022


Affiliate marketing on TikTok is a great way to promote offers and earn a living. However, your affiliate business may become stale if you rely on the same traffic sources daily. So how can you discover new traffic sources to support its success?

One approach is to use social media sites like TikTok. 

In this article, we will explain how to use TikTok affiliate marketing. We’ll also go over its importance as an excellent source of traffic. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

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What is Affiliate Marketing On TikTok?


If you haven’t already noticed, TikTok is rapidly expanding! Just have a peek at its global growth pattern:

  • Sep 2017: TikTok international launch
  • Jan 2018: 54,793,729 monthly users
  • Dec 2018: 271,188,301 (394.9% increase)
  • Dec 2019: 507,552,660 (87.2% increase)
  • Jul 2020: 689,174,209 (35.8% increase)
  • Sep 2021: Over 1 billion users (45.1% increase)

What exactly is TikTok affiliate marketing? And why is there such a buzz about affiliate marketing on TikTok?

TikTok affiliate marketing uses tracking links to direct users to a sales page. It works just like any other affiliate marketing strategy.

These links are often shared through an affiliate blog, website, or social media platform like YouTube. The objective is to leverage your TikTok videos to expand a following you can monetize through affiliate sales.

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This may seem like a standard affiliate program on another social media network, such as affiliate marketing on Instagram or Pinterest. But since TikTok launched in 2016, this has made it unique. Snapchat has been around for ten years, Facebook has been around for seventeen, and Twitter for fourteen. 

These are the “boomer” platforms, as the gen Zs calls them. So, they avoid old social media sites!

In short, affiliate marketing on TikTok excels in generating new business. Not just that, it fosters customer loyalty and increases brand recognition. 

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How Does Affiliate Marketing on TikTok Work?


Affiliate marketing on TikTok is like other social media sites. Likewise, every affiliate transaction involves three (and occasionally four) parties:

  1. The Merchant: This is a company that adopts an affiliate marketing sales strategy and offers the goods for sale. It might be the product’s manufacturer. Also, it could be a merchant who chooses to offer their goods through affiliate marketing.
  1. The Affiliate Network (optional): Instead of dealing with affiliate marketers, some producers operate through an affiliate network. It serves as a mediator. And it compiles a product inventory from several authors. Then, it interacts daily with affiliate marketers.
  1. The affiliate marketer: He is a person who directly contracts with a company that produces an item. He may also contact an affiliate network to promote it to their followers, viewers, or subscribers. When using affiliate marketing on TikTok, the marketer will highlight the goods in their TikTok videos.
  1. The consumer: A person who purchases the affiliate product. In affiliate marketing on TikTok, the customer watches the affiliate marketer’s videos.

How To Earn With Affiliate Marketing On TikTok


Let’s examine how TikTok traffic may be used in affiliate marketing initiatives.

1. Use Organic Reach

As of right now, TikTok doesn’t seem to control how much traffic a content creator gets. Thus, the first option is to use its free organic traffic. In fact, it’s more than willing to give you millions of free views.

You may leverage TikTok organic traffic in four different ways:

  • Add a URL link to your profile
  • Redirect visitors to another social profile
  • In your videos, promote discount codes and URLs
  • Fill up your content caption with an affiliate link.

2. Use TikTok Paid Ads

Organic reach is lovely. But often, you need to focus on one or more certain demographics. Therefore, you’ll need to create advertisements.

TikTok does provide a platform for commercial advertising. However, it is still in beta. And it is not accessible in some countries. For example, TikTok for business is not available in Ireland. 

TikTok video ads are expensive. But, if you do have the financial means, you have the following choices:

  • In feed: Drop into your feed as you browse, like what you get on other social networks.
  • Hashtag challenge: Fosters engagement with a particular activity tied to a hashtag.
  • Brand takeover: When you open the app, a brand takeover automatically plays and covers the whole screen.
  • Branded AR content: Encouraging augmented reality (AR) elements such as stickers, spectacles, etc.

TikTok ads are a realistic alternative for brands or influencers with a 6-figure marketing budget.

Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing On TikTok


To make money with affiliate marketing on TikTok, you must have a lot of views on your videos. There are a few other variables at work. But views are the most crucial one. Here are some pointers for expanding your audience and becoming successful with affiliate marketing on TikTok!

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1. Post Consistently

Regularity is the basis of the TikTok algorithm. You must post frequently to broaden your audience and earn their confidence. The best strategy is to establish and adhere to a regular plan for posting videos like you would for textual content. 

Post at least one video each day. However, two to three times a week will be enough if you have lengthy content.

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Because you’re interested in affiliate marketing on TikTok, you may feel compelled to know your niche and stand out. That desire is natural. But while creating TikTok content, repress it and focus on current trends.

Yes, you could even start your trends. But there is no assurance that others will join you and make it a trend.

Additionally, the TikTok algorithm favors content. And it depends on views and popularity. So, the more popular the trend, the more impressions you will get. 

3. Know Your Ideal Niche

Your target market must trust you enough to buy the things you offer. Thus, limit your attention to a single audience. They will accept your proposals for various solutions once you have proven that you know their needs. 

So, identify your audience and observe the kinds of content they love. Note that if your videos are getting few views, it’s probably because you need to use the right content and audience targeting.

4. Redirect Traffic Using a Call to Action

It’s awesome to get millions of views on TikTok. What if you discovered a method to profit from them by sending them to a different monetized platform or your website?

Use a “call to action” to divert viewers rather than just directing them to the product or service. 

For instance, For more tips, subscribe to my YouTube channel or even email list. 

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FAQs On TikTok Affiliate Marketing

How Do I Become A TikTok Affiliate?

To become a TikTok affiliate:
1. Upgrade to a business account.
2. Add a link to your profile.
3.Create a landing page to redirect traffic. 

Can You Use TikTok To Put Amazon Affiliate Links?

TikTok allows you to include Amazon affiliate links. However, if you don’t have 10,000+ TikTok followers and can’t embed a link in your bio, you’ll need to connect to a bridge page with all of your affiliate links.

Final Thoughts On TikTok Affiliate Marketing

In general, TikTok is a great site that may help affiliates earn substantial amounts. Your TikTok affiliate marketing business has the potential to be successful if done well.

So why are you still waiting? 

Try it now to stay caught up!



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