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Secret Sauce To Kickstart An Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign


There’s no mystery why affiliate email marketing campaign is flourishing. Who wouldn’t want to earn money even while sleeping? Indeed, everyone would. Many marketers begin their side businesses by joining a team of affiliate marketers.

We know how to begin your affiliate marketing email campaign like an expert. It doesn’t matter if you are currently an affiliate marketer. Neither does it matter if you wish to perform an email affiliate marketing campaign.

In this article, we will cover the concept of an affiliate email marketing campaign. But first, let’s look into what affiliate marketing entails.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning a commission for promoting a product. An affiliate may begin the process by looking for an item they are interested in and joining the program. Next, he will get an affiliate link and earn a percentage of each transaction.

Naturally, the affiliate links provided are used to track these transactions. Though it is a traditional marketing plan, it has been successful. This is because affiliate marketing is a tried-and-true way of increasing revenue. Hence, brands and affiliate marketers profit from this tactic.

Affiliate marketers would often promote the product to their network. They do this via social media platforms, blog postings, and email platforms.

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So what is an affiliate email marketing campaign?

What Is An Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign?


Affiliate email marketing is a form of promoting affiliate links using targeted and crafted emails. You may improve communication, engage your audience, and drive purchases. Do this by inserting affiliate links in your existing automated email sequence.

The key to managing a thriving affiliate business is to create a specific and efficient affiliate email marketing strategy. Nonetheless, only a few newcomers to the market see the need for a plan for success.

Choose a market niche if you are interested in launching an online business through an affiliate email marketing campaign. Next is to go for products or services to promote. Lastly, a high-priced affiliate network with whom to cooperate.

If you’re unsure where to start or have recently started a campaign, this article will teach you all you need to know about affiliate email marketing campaigns. Effective affiliate email marketing campaigns begin with a popular item. Knowing how to approach your competition and what they are doing helps you decide what things to market. 

Launching your first affiliate email marketing campaign may feel as tricky as driving your first mile when you are just learning to drive.

However, it will be worthwhile. Finally, we all understand how to operate easily. And the same is true in affiliate email marketing. Continue reading to discover the basics.

Differences Between Email Marketing And affiliate Email Marketing Campaign


An affiliate email marketing campaign is a subcategory of email marketing. Here, you will promote products via affiliate links to a list of email subscribers. An affiliate email marketing campaign can connect customers to actual items. Also, it may invite them to a webinar or send a social media post.

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On the other hand, email marketing is similar. Though, a company used it to promote its products. So there will be no need for affiliate links and programs. 

Why Use Email Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

  • You can automate emails 
  • Email allows for worldwide communication.
  • Email marketing has a high return on investment. (The average ROI for email marketing is %122.)
  • It is simple to monitor the success of your email campaigns.
  • It aids in the development of solid user connections.
  • It aids in introducing your items into an existing database.
  • Email marketing allows you to engage directly with consumers.

How To Launch An Effective Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign


Below are the steps to launching a successful email affiliate marketing campaign. 

Joining an email service provider is the first step in starting an affiliate email marketing campaign. Check with your email provider to see whether you may use links in your email campaigns. Also, you must first obtain consent from the subscribers before emailing them.

However, if you know the receiver or already have an established email list, it is “implied permission/consent.” 

Nevertheless, if you are unknown to the receiver, you must get their consent before emailing them. To construct a mailing list for affiliate marketing, recipients must provide “definite consent.”

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Before you promote affiliate links blindly, ensure you choose the right ones. Check that your links are:

People joined your email list for a purpose. They joined because they liked your content. And that takes a lot of trust and interest. Don’t betray that confidence.

Continue to provide great content and affiliate items relevant to your niche. Consider that for a moment.

Assume you joined an email list for recipes on a culinary website. And then, you get an email offering running shoes and other irrelevant items, and the cycle continues. You’ll hit the unsubscribe button right away.

Things would be different if they added an affiliate link for knives, for example. You may have followed that link and even purchased it.

b. Evergreen

Make sure the products you’re promoting are evergreen. It implies that they won’t change over time. With this, you won’t have to keep track of upgrading or modifying your content this way.

What if you have a product that can generate a lot of revenue on a specific holiday or for a short time? Then, it’s preferable to build a distinct email sequence for those holiday affiliate links. Do this so that your regular affiliate email marketing campaign may function well. Then, you may remove it when the limited time expires.


Finally, the things you promote should earn you money. If your affiliate connections are expected to give poor or restricted earning potential, consider if the product will generate enough ROI to justify the effort.

The average click-through rate for emails across all sectors is 2.6%. And you should assess if the affiliate commissions are high enough to allow you to make as much money as you want.

You may integrate affiliate links if you already have an email sequence with a high click-through rate. You could do this by modifying sections of the emails and adding useful affiliate links.

It will eventually increase the organic traffic created by your content to your affiliate links. As a result, it will not affect your open, click-through, or unsubscribe rates.

However, do not dedicate your entire email sequence to affiliate links. This is because subscribers may feel irritated when third-party items are in your emails. Thus, your audience will most likely unsubscribe.

In addition, it has its disadvantage too. If you don’t include your affiliate links in your existing email sequences, fewer people will click on them. Hence, it may lead to a loss in income.

On the other hand, if you have an existing email sequence, you can change a few parts based on the item or service you’re promoting. Your priority should be to deliver the valuable content you promised before your audience joins. You can make sure you’re doing this by:

  • Consistent email distribution
  • Sending educative content to your subscribers rather than promoting. 
  • Ensuring that your emails are not dull.

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4. Track Your Affiliate Email Marketing Campaigns

So your affiliate marketing email sequence is up and running automatically. And commissions are starting to pour in. But there is one more thing. If you want to continue getting commissions, you must participate actively.

Tag and monitor your subscribers so you can fine-tune your campaigns as needed. Audience segmentation is essential for tracking and boosting open and click-through rates. Track email marketing KPIs for your campaigns to be safe rather than sorry.

5. Use Social Proof

Based on social influence, social proof holds that customers are likelier to test or purchase a product or service if other consumers or influencers have used it and found it to be of high quality.

When you’re reviewing a landing page and seeing a statement from an influencer or professional, that’s social proof. Third-party influence encourages potential consumers to buy or try the product you’re promoting. 

Final Thoughts

So you’ve learned everything there is to know about affiliate marketing email campaign. But there is one secret sauce you should know:

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