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The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

Affiliate marketing is a well-known method of increasing brand visibility and income. However, as the focus of internet marketing shifts to utilizing social media platforms, ignoring these platforms is, without doubt, ignoring a means to successful affiliate marketing. So, if you’re trying to start a new affiliate program or update an old one, social media platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram offer endless possibilities. 

In this well researched and carefully written piece, you’ll get to understand all about affiliate marketing using Pinterest, affiliate marketing with Instagram, as well as YouTube affiliate marketing. Also, to ease the stress that comes with analytics, you can utilize the best affiliate marketing program tracking software to track your affiliate program.

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Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest

Everyone defines Pinterest as an ever-ready website for discovering ideas and inspiration for your interests. What if we told you that Pinterest is more than a mere social media platform? Pinterest is a pictorial search engine, and you can execute affiliate marketing using Pinterest.

Now, you may wonder if you can carry out affiliate marketing using Pinterest. Well, the answer is YES!. Pinterest may ‌ promote your affiliate website and blog articles. But can you connect directly to your affiliate promotions? 

In this guide, we’ll give a quick definition of affiliate marketing using Pinterest. Then, we’ll go over how to diversify your income with affiliate marketing using Pinterest.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest is a social networking site where users draw innovative ideas for their hobbies and interests. Every notion is represented by a pin, which is an image that Pinterest users may search for and save. Pinterest is excellent for boosting traffic and sales, since pins may also connect back to websites. Above all, for businesses, pins let users access additional information about things they’re interested in buying.

While using Pinterest for business, ensure to add a link to your website with each pin — be it a blog post, an eCommerce store, or your business’ website.

What is Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest?

Affiliate marketing using Pinterest

An obvious reality is that the audience you’re aiming to reach is on social media. However, the only question is which social media platform you’ll prioritize. If you’re intrigued by Pinterest after reading the above paragraph, let’s delve into what affiliate marketing using Pinterest entails. 

You may generate income on Pinterest and increase visibility for your affiliate website when you post attractive images, videos, and infographics for your affiliate offers. 

Before you begin affiliate marketing using Pinterest, you must first outline your objectives. Are you seeking leads that will become clients? Is creating a long-term relationship with your audience of greater importance?

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest?

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest?
How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest?

Apparently, Pinterest is a fantastic platform for affiliate marketing. But how can you make your fantasies of passive income a reality? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started

Method 1: Create a Business Pinterest Account

Setting up a Pinterest business profile is the only way to use Pinterest for professional purposes, like affiliate marketing. With only two clicks, you can either register a new business account or convert your personal account to a business account. New Pinterest features, such as audience insights, analytics, and Ads, are unlocked when you create a business profile. 

Method 2: Become an Affiliate for a Product or Program

Consider what product you already use and could promote to your target market. If you’re in business-to-business, you may market business courses and software tools. Try becoming an Amazon affiliate or marketing personal development classes if your company is B2C. 

Method 3: Follow the Trend

Whatever you advertise is determined by your target audience’s interests. Follow pins with similar items or rival businesses. Surround yourself with stuff that your target audience sees when they search Pinterest.

This will allow you to better analyze your competition and develop a stronger content strategy. For example, you may find that secular product photographs are popular in your niche, or that doodle patterns are resurfacing.

The next step is to set up your affiliate links to your Pinterest audience. The content acts as a link. Create content tailored to the products or services for which you are an affiliate and post it on your website. Articles and video posts are examples of such content.

Method 5: Generate Many Pins for Every Piece of Content

Generate several Pinterest pin images for your blog or video postings, then post them to Pinterest. This strategy will let you promote your content to thousands of individuals on the platform every day. While most pinners make 3–10 pins per blog post, some super users make 17 pins per post!

Whatever number you select, one thing is for sure: the more the pins, the more the visitors.

Method 6: Don’t Forget About SEO 

In affiliate marketing using Pinterest which happens to be a pictorial search engine, SEO is paramount. Below are some of the most effective techniques for making your pins more SEO-friendly:

  • Complete your profile registration.
  • Validate your website/blog 
  • Make sure you don’t block your profile. Click on privacy and data preferences and uncheck the box. 
  • Use the Pinterest search box to determine which keywords are common. Then, include them in the title tags of your pins.
  • Structure your pins and boards so that people and search engines can find and understand them.

Method 7: Maintain Consistency on Pinterest

Pinning new images for your blog or video articles regularly is one approach to maintaining consistency. It will increase your traffic, which will direct people to the content you wrote using affiliate links.

Don’t feel compelled to create a dozen pins for every post in one go. You might begin with a few and soon increase the number. 

Method 8: Engage in Conversation With Other People

Boosting your visibility on Facebook, like any other social media platform, requires an increase in your actions. Reply to comments left on your pins by other users, explore other boards in your area, and repin or remark on the pins you like.

Method 9: Analyze the Findings and Take Informed Decision

Any affiliate marketing using Pinterest or other platforms must begin with analysis. Thankfully, Pinterest Analytics is a treasure trove of information. Look at your most popular pins via link clinks. Identify which of the affiliate-link with pins is the most effective.

Can you make more pins like that? Can you write a comparable blog post and create extra pins for that creative idea? If Pinterest is your primary traffic-driving technique for your affiliate links, Pinterest Analytics is the place to go to find out which pieces of content are generating income for you.

Affiliate Marketing With Instagram

Affiliate Marketing with Instagram

Affiliate marketing with Instagram is one way in which individuals from various sectors monetize their social media presence. The reason is that, in recent times, Instagram has gained global popularity and an active audience. The aim of influencers who use affiliate marketing with Instagram is to attract traffic to their marketing partners’ websites using tracked links.

In this article, we’ll introduce affiliate marketing with Instagram. Then we’ll go over to discuss why affiliate marketing with Instagram is a fantastic idea for your business. Let’s get started!

What is Affiliate Marketing with Instagram?

What is affiliate marketing with Instagram?

In affiliate marketing with Instagram, you engage with individuals that have large followers, popularly called influencers. Then reward them for effectively advertising your business on their Instagram accounts. Affiliate marketing with Instagram, just as with every other affiliate marketing depends on your performance. 

The aim is for your target market to engage with your products and services. As a result, it is wise to leverage affiliate marketing with Instagram, since Instagram is the social network with the best interaction rates.

Affiliate marketing with Instagram allows you to attract the focus of individuals who are likely to engage in your items on a platform that they are currently using.

Using this channel may be a moderate yet efficient method of increasing visibility and driving conversions. Nowadays, customers may be cautious of celebrity endorsements and commercial advertisements.

Thus, Instagram influencers aid in enhancing trust by adding relatability and social evidence to your advertisements.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Instagram


Before we delve into how to make money with affiliate marketing with Instagram, the following steps will help you get started.

1. Change to a creator account

First, ‌convert your Instagram profile into a Creator account before you launch an affiliate marketing scheme on the platform. Bloggers, influencers, and content creators can use Instagram Creator accounts. It provides you with tools that can help expand your affiliate marketing program on the platform. 

Such tools are powerful analytics and simplified messaging. In addition, when you split your Instagram DMs, you can observe your follower growth, number of views, and manage conversations with those interested in your linked items. The steps are‌‌:

  • Create an Instagram account
  • Go to settings
  • Click on account
  • Click on the switch to a professional account and select creator. 
  • Select the option that most defines your affiliate niche.
  • Fill in your contact details.

2. Boost your online presence

In affiliate marketing with Instagram, value outweighs volume every time. According to Statista, Instagram influencers with less than 10,000 followers may charge over $193 per paid ad.

It shows that you don’t need millions or even billions of followers to do affiliate marketing with Instagram. You only need a few individuals who know, like and believe whatever you say.

Since the aim of affiliate marketing with Instagram is to be an influencer in the eyes of your followers, build your online presence to achieve this. Then you will have a chance of getting them to click on your affiliate links. How can you build your online presence?

3. Make a post whenever your audience is online

There’s no point in posting Instagram content if your audience is not available to watch it. You can see the best time to post when you check for insights. 

4. Know your niche

The idea is to become renowned as a credible source of information in the niche where you sell affiliate products.

5. Consistency is key

Help people understand what to expect when they first click the Follow button. Posting new content regularly provides your fans additional opportunities to engage. Instagram’s algorithm also considers this. 

6. Most of the content should be non-promotional

Keeping your content free from excess promotional information makes it credible. Anything more than that, and you risk undermining your audience’s trust and credibility.

7. Select the best affiliate partners

To make money through affiliate marketing with Instagram, you must first find businesses that will pay a commission on any transactions you make. To begin, there are two options: 

8. Affiliate marketing programs

Brands across many industries inform clients to advertise their products in exchange for a commission. Shopify, Amazon, and eBay Partners are all notable programs.

9. Affiliate networks

Platforms such as ShareASale, Rakuten, Metricks, and CJ Affiliate enable marketers to create bespoke links, track commissions, and get payments all from a single portal. Note that several programs within a network have varying commission rates.

Even though these two monetization options have the lowest entry barriers, you can grow your affiliate marketing business by proposing to work with businesses you’re already familiar with.


One of the first questions you may have is, why does Instagram not enable a link every time you post an image? Then, how can affiliate marketers on Instagram persuade users to click on a link that contains their affiliate code and make a purchase? When you become innovative and explore outside the box, there are a few steps to take:

The most straightforward way to direct visitors to the site is using the link in your bio. If you consistently advertise for the same brand, product, or site, this works fine.

Next, you encourage people to go to your bio and click on the link. This is ideal if you’re a brand ambassador and an exclusive associate for a single brand.

You can still use the link in your bio to advertise a unique product with each post. But you’ll need to change it to the most recent affiliate URL each time you release a new post.

You can also urge people to click the link in your bio. However, if they stumble into an older post and promote a different product, they’ll end up on a different landing page.

Hence, this isn’t the most efficient method to handle affiliate marketing with Instagram. 

This works with business accounts. You can only insert affiliate links in your Instagram stories if you have over 10,000 followers.

With this, your followers will ‌access the website on the other side of your affiliate link. This is a solid opportunity to switch to a business account. However, the risk of receiving less engagement because of the pay-to-play social network algorithm is preventing some people from doing so.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing With Instagram to Businesses


We can all see the advantages of Instagram affiliate marketing for individuals, but what about the advantages it provides for brands looking to expand their affiliate relationships?

1. Increased engagement, brand awareness, and Instagram followers. 

Whenever an influencer posts a photo of a product or service on Instagram, he always tags the brand that the goods or service belongs to or at least acknowledges the product and company. 

With this, individuals who notice it can immediately engage by opening it, liking it, or inquiring about it. This is a big win for both the advertiser and the influencer because it enhances incoming traffic while also providing the possibility of profit if a transaction is made. 

At the very least, it raises product brand recognition — for free!

2. Unique relationships

From a business view, affiliate marketing with Instagram may help you build new relationships with prominent people, and in the long run, they might become leads.

When a brand collaborates with an influencer and generates sales, it will create new avenues for future commerce rather than a one-time promotion like most traditional advertising efforts. 

These business connections might benefit both sides. Since companies want to be promoted on Instagram and associated media, consumers gain monetary and PR benefits from these collaborations. Not every influencer is interested in this form of engagement, but many are.

3. Increased income 

With over 1 billion users, Instagram affiliate marketing leaves businesses with no choice but to profit from these agreements.

Instagram has experienced a significant surge in PR and marketing channels in recent years, even though the platform’s only goal is to promote companies and products.

As Instagram affiliate marketers, this results in more income and a higher connection with followers for both the brand and the advertising platform.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing


You’re aware of the staggering number of hours individuals spend watching YouTube videos. You’ve perhaps seen people make a lot of money with YouTube affiliate marketing. However, without a channel or content to post, will YouTube affiliate marketing work for anyone? 

Now, you may wonder if YouTube allows affiliate links as well as how or where to place them. The interesting thing is that YouTube does accept affiliate links and you can easily place those links in your video’s descriptions. 

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of how to successfully make it happen. Keep reading this article to learn how to generate revenue through YouTube affiliate marketing. 

How Does YouTube Affiliate Marketing Work?

youtube affiliate marketing
Youtube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing is not about producing, selling, or shipping goods. The cost of starting is very low, compared to the company you’re promoting. You can use YouTube affiliate marketing as a passive form of income if you have another job that takes up most of your time. 

YouTube affiliate marketing is an online business strategy in which you earn money by attaching affiliate links to products in videos you post. You can always find these links in the comments or in the “details” section beneath the video.

When it comes to earning from YouTube affiliate marketing, it’s quite comparable to traditional affiliate marketing. The only difference is the platform being utilized.

In YouTube affiliate marketing, you create guides, product reviews, and other content that links to a certain affiliate marketing network. You do this using videos. Regardless, the monetization method is the same. Just like traditional affiliate marketing, you will receive a commission if a viewer buys the product through your referral link. 

However, before delving into the realm of YouTube affiliate marketing, there are a few things to remember.  

  • To make this business a success, you need to put in more effort and competence. It takes time to build traffic that converts into productive revenue.
  • Once you begin YouTube affiliate marketing, the duration it takes to earn an income is determined by several factors; prominence of the goods you’re promoting, the frequency of your posts, marketing on other digital platforms, and engagement.
  • It is also essential to conduct thorough research on the products and services you wish to promote. 

How Do I Make Money With YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

make money with Youtube Affiliate Marketing

Now that you understand what YouTube affiliate marketing entails, let’s answer the question, “how do I make money with YouTube affiliate marketing?” Creating informative quality YouTube videos may fetch you income in various ways which include;

1. Be a Part of the YouTube Partner Program

One approach to making money from youtube affiliate marketing is through the YouTube Partner Program. It allows you to monetize your YouTube videos by showing video advertisements.

Thus, YouTube Affiliates receive a commission when viewers watch the video or click on it and go to a website. YouTube Partners may also earn money by displaying adverts on their channel pages and having advertisers pay them.

Note that ‌these won’t be possible if you’re not eligible. To be an eligible YouTube partner, you must have at least 1000 to 4000 subscribers on the platform. 

2. Offer Products or Services for Sale

You may generate money with your YouTube channel by selling a variety of things. Beyond income, marketing merch t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, baseball caps, you name it—has an advantage. Merchandise broadens your visibility by bringing your online brand and personality into the real world.

Furthermore, it enhances your bond with your audience and encourages them to buy what you’re offering. Don’t forget to create a list of affiliate links in the description area.

Having known all these, there are specific types of videos you should post if you want to grab the attention of brands on your channel. Below are some types of videos that’ll assist you in your quest to earn from YouTube affiliate marketing;

1. Product review videos

Nearly nine out of ten customers watch product review videos before buying a product. In product review videos, you must discuss why a product is fantastic or poor. Also, give detailed reasons to your audience why they should or shouldn’t buy it. This is the best way to stand out from the crowd. 

Be the person who has read the product’s manual, used the device, and has an opinion about it. Express yourself as a professional if there are little subtleties or technical peculiarities that a newbie could notice. 

2. How-to guides

One of the most successful techniques in YouTube affiliate marketing is to create informative content with links to the products shown. There are a few important aspects that run across ‌these cases. 

3. Vlogs 

You may develop vlogs on YouTube if you are a tourist or someone who enjoys filming videos regularly. Even though creating vlogs is labour-intensive, the rewards are huge.

Creating vlogs needs great video editing skills. You can also attach affiliate links of all the items you used for vlogging in the description box.

If you believe you can engage people with vlogs, grab your camera and start filming.

4. Unboxing videos

The name is self-explanatory. Unboxing is a video format in which you unbox a recently purchased item in front of a camera and film your initial impressions of it.

Though it may appear unusual to watch a stranger unbox a product and comment about it. Yet millions of consumers find such videos intriguing. 

Somehow, it stems from witnessing someone show their excitement at buying the desired product and simply discussing it. 

5. Best videos

While navigating through YouTube videos, you may stumble upon videos that highlight the “Top 10” or “Best of” anything. Videos like this are quite simple to make. What you need to do is to compile a list of products you have marketed and discuss them.

The general guideline in ‘best of’ videos is to start with your least favourite product before working your way up to your favourite.

In the description, you may include affiliate links to all the goods featured in your video. 

Benefits of YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of affiliate marketing

1. Earnings

This is a major benefit of youtube affiliate marketing. One can generate revenue from the platform and off it. For example, if a company manufactures gadgets, the PR team will select a creator who posts relevant videos about gadgets to review their products for a fee.

YouTube affiliate marketing scheme allows creators to include links in video descriptions. This will increase website traffic and make it easy for your clients to purchase your products.

3. Customer Increase

Watching an image or a video is more effective than reading about the product. It is easier for customers to grasp the product’s function. Consumers are also inspired by YouTubers to buy a product. Thus, YouTube can assist you in gaining new consumers.

FAQs on Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube


To share links on Pinterest, add a new pin and set the source URL to a direct affiliate link. You may also send prime visitors to affiliate-related material, like blog entries or videos, before they make a purchase.

How to execute affiliate marketing using Pinterest without a website?

You can carry out Affiliate marketing using Pinterest‌ with just a Pinterest account. Instead of referring people to a page on a website or blog that has over one affiliate product link, just add affiliate links that redirect straight to the product. 

Can I perform Amazon affiliate marketing using Pinterest? 

Pinterest users can share Amazon Associates affiliate links. These connections must be explicit and visible. Though, the Pinterest platform does not permit link cloaking.

How to generate revenue from affiliate marketing using Pinterest? 

When consumers buy goods through your affiliate link on Pinterest, you’ll receive a commission ranging from 5% to 50% of the transaction price.

How many followers do I need for affiliate marketing with Instagram?

For affiliate marketing with Instagram, there is no precise optimal number of followers. But 10,000 to 15,000 followers is enough to become an Instagram affiliate marketer. 

Is it possible to post affiliate links on Instagram?

Yes, affiliate links can be added to any Instagram post, stories, IGTV descriptions, and bio. 

Which niche is best for affiliate marketing with Instagram?

Beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and gadgets are common niches used on Instagram.  

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube

Affiliate marketing using Pinterest only works if you add value to your audience. Spamming will make you lose followers and in the worst case, you’d lose your account. However, if you follow best practices, you can build a lucrative affiliate marketing account.

Although executing affiliate marketing using Pinterest is difficult, it offers a disproportionately large earning potential. That said, if you successfully drive quality traffic to your pins, all of your hard work will definitely pay off.

YouTube Affiliate marketing is the key tool for running effective affiliate marketing campaigns. With the ideas in this article, you can start generating income on the YouTube platform. Create content that your target audience is looking for, and optimize it for YouTube search. 

However, remember that when you market inferior items, you might be sending your audience a false impression. For this reason, don’t just sell to make money!

To sum it up, affiliate marketing with Instagram, affiliate marketing using Pinterest, and or YouTube affiliate marketing has been a goldmine yet to be discovered.

And that has been the case before this enlightening content came to light. So don’t just stop reading it, try applying it and keep coming back for more eye-opening quality content here on Metricks.



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