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How To Easily Shop On Amazon With Paypal


Most people enjoy shopping on Amazon with PayPal. The payment platform is safe, adaptable, and recognized by most big-box stores. However, you can’t entirely combine these two because Amazon doesn’t immediately take PayPal at checkout—at least not directly. Why is that?

In this article, you will learn more about how to shop on Amazon and pay with PayPal. Continue reading! 

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Can You Shop On Amazon With PayPal?

Can you shop on Amazon with PayPal? No, and yes. You can’t use PayPal with Amazon throughout the checkout process. However, you can still make purchases on Amazon with PayPal. You’ll need to use your imagination if you want to know how to use PayPal on Amazon. 

Amazon does not allow PayPal for purchases, but it does allow you to select a credit or debit card to use at the time of checkout. So, you could use PayPal Cash Card to pay for your Amazon purchases.

Similarly, you can use your PayPal Credit account to pay for Amazon purchases. All you need to do is purchase Amazon gift cards on a website that takes PayPal Credit.

Here is a short review of everything you can and cannot accomplish with PayPal and Amazon:

  1. Does PayPal work on Amazon? No.
  2. Can you pay for your Amazon purchases using a PayPal Cash Card? Yes.
  3. Is PayPal Credit Acceptable on Amazon? No.
  4. Can you buy an Amazon gift card using PayPal Credit from a website that accepts PayPal and use that gift card to pay for your Amazon purchases? Absolutely!

Now, you may wonder why there’s no definite answer to using Amazon with PayPal. The next section answers your query. 

Why Doesn’t Amazon Take PayPal Directly?


Amazon does not accept PayPal for two main reasons. First off, PayPal was formerly a part of eBay, a direct competitor of Amazon. PayPal and eBay were integrated from 2002 until 2015. Although PayPal later became a distinct company, its relationship with eBay is still solid.

Second, PayPal directly competes with Amazon Pay, which is the company’s own payment solution. Similar to PayPal, many independent merchants accept Amazon Pay. Allowing you to use Amazon payment options outside of Amazon’s own sphere of influence.

Benefits Of Shopping On Amazon With PayPal


1. Secure Credit Card

After signing up for an account on PayPal, the credit cards and bank accounts entered remain secure. Once you’ve done that, you won’t ever have to give up your credit card details online again.

You may purchase without fearing that a hacker would obtain your account data from your online retailer since PayPal allows you to keep your credit card information secure.  

2. Flexibility

Avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of trying to make a purchase on Amazon just to have your credit card denied. Your PayPal purchases will always be successful on the first try.  

3. Send Money

You can shop on Amazon with PayPal immediately with a simple click of the mouse. Money can be sent more quickly than ever while saving time and money over expensive Western Union-style transactions.

In summary, the benefit of shopping on Amazon with Paypal is that you get an additional layer of security and fraud protection. When you shop on the Amazon store with PayPal, PayPal can assist in recovering your funds if you mistakenly pay for a fraudulent transaction.

Also, PayPal protects your bank or credit card information with its encryption technology. 

How To Shop On Amazon With PayPal?


Let’s take a closer look at how to use PayPal on Amazon. Also, we’ll look at how to pay on Amazon with PayPal Cash Card and how to purchase Amazon gift cards using PayPal Credit.

PayPal Cash Card

With the PayPal Cash Card, you may use your PayPal balance as the source of payments. You can use this card to make purchases both in-person and online as long as the seller accepts Mastercard payments. Also, your standard PayPal account becomes a Cash Plus account. And it offers a few more benefits when you apply for the PayPal Cash Card.

Simply enter your PayPal Cash Card number and finish the purchase if you’re shopping on Amazon with PayPal.

PayPal Key

Getting a PayPal Key is much easier than applying for a PayPal Cash Card. This is because you don’t have to wait for a physical card to come in the mail. You’ll receive an online-useable virtual card number (again, as long as the merchant accepts Mastercard). The drawback is that not all PayPal account users have access to PayPal Key currently. 

However, you can determine if you qualify for a PayPal Key by entering your account and checking if the PayPal Key option appears.

If yes, after signing up, you will receive your virtual card information (card number, expiry date, and passcode). With it, you may use it to make purchases on Amazon.

PayPal Credit Cards

The PayPal Cashback Mastercard and the PayPal Extras Mastercard are the two co-branded credit cards that PayPal provides.

These special deals are only available to PayPal users and function just like a regular credit card. They work for both in-person and online purchases. You aren’t actually funding your transactions with money from your PayPal balance, though.

Amazon Gift Cards

Here, if you buy Amazon gift cards from a store that accepts PayPal and then add the amount of the gift card to your Amazon account, it’s the same as purchasing on Amazon with PayPal (just indirectly).

For instance, go online to And use your PayPal Credit to buy an Amazon card, then select “pick up in the store” to collect the card the same day. After that, redeem the gift card on Amazon and use it whenever you like.

How To Make Purchase/Shop On Amazon With PayPal Cash Card

You may use your PayPal Cash Card to pay for payments on Amazon as they accept Mastercard. Simply add the PayPal Cash Card as a new payment method at checkout. Or go to your Amazon account and select “Your Payments” to add it as a payment option.

How To Shop On Amazon With PayPal Key


PayPal Key enables you to pay with a credit card associated with your PayPal account. But pairing it with one of the top cards for online shopping might help you earn even more points on your purchases. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying on or somewhere else.

To shop on Amazon with PayPal Key, add your 16-digit PayPal Key number as an Amazon payment method, besides the related expiration date and security code.

Can You Shop On Amazon With PayPal Credit?

You might be curious if Amazon accepts PayPal Credit even though they don’t take standard PayPal payments. The truth is Amazon store doesn’t accept PayPal Credit. Despite being a credit card, PayPal Credit is comparable to the PayPal Cash Card. 

In addition, it is a card that is not affiliated with any other credit card issuer. It originates with PayPal. For this reason, Amazon won’t accept it. The credit card that PayPal offers is called PayPal Credit. 

Also, the card’s owner can use it to make credit-based transactions. Despite being a credit card, PayPal Credit is comparable to the PayPal Cash Card.

Alternatives To Shopping On Amazon With PayPal


If the aforementioned payment strategies don’t appeal to you, there are other alternatives. Amazon supports various modes of payment, and they include; 

  1. JCB.
  2. STAR.
  3. NYCE.
  4. Major credit cards.
  5. China UnionPay.
  6. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express prepaid credit or gift cards.
  7. Amazon gift cards.
  8. FSA or HSA.
  9. SNAP EBT cards.

Gift Cards You Can Buy On Amazon With PayPal

  1. Apple Gift Card – App Store, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Macbook, accessories, and more (Email Delivery).
  2. Target Gift Card.
  3. Google Play Gift Code.
  4. Lowe’s Gift Card.
  5. Spotify Gift Card.
  6. Roblox eGift Card.
  7. Uber Eats Gift Card.
  8. Walmart Gift Card.
  9. The Home Depot Gift Card.

Final Thoughts On How To Easily Shop On Amazon With Paypal

Though Amazon does not allow payments with PayPal, there are a couple of workarounds. These techniques are completely safe and lawful. Some of them just need you to complete a few more steps than you would if you use a standard debit card. 

Nevertheless, many individuals prefer using PayPal to make transactions because of its flexibility and security. You can continue using PayPal as your default payment method on all websites with these techniques.



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