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Ultimate Review Of Metricks Affiliate Tracking Software


Every business owner deserves Metricks affiliate tracking software — A platform that tracks affiliate campaigns. Launching an affiliate program does not have to be complicated. And integrating it into a business should be very simple. This is where Metricks comes in! A perfect solution created for easy affiliate program management. 

But what really is Metricks affiliate marketing tracking software? And what’s its function? This article provides a review of Metricks affiliate program tracking software. Also, it gives in-depth information about its features and more.

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What Is Metricks?


Metricks is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform that aids in the launching, automating, and managing of affiliate programs for small to large-scale businesses.

It aims to make affiliate program management very simple. With the help of its own many features, the Metricks affiliate tracking software increases revenues. E-commerce businesses may use it to boost traffic, increase revenue, and improve SEO. 

In addition, Metricks includes various marketing options for affiliates. It features the ability to construct affiliates’ commission structure and edit content. Also, it provides analysis and reporting. Integration with shopping carts and other notable platforms are included. 

You’ll need sophisticated performance marketing software like Metricks affiliate marketing tracking software to manage your affiliate program. 

When Was Metricks Founded And Why?


Located in London, Metricks affiliate tracking software has been providing eCommerce and Saas companies with a fully functional platform. With over three years of experience and tons of work, Metricks’ standardized software offers the utmost features and high efficiency. And in those years, we have successfully built a track record of providing the best affiliate tracking software. 

We understand how challenging it is to manage multiple affiliates. Thus, the ultimate goal of Metricks affiliate tracking software is to meet and surpass your expectations while offering you the right value for your investment.

With Metricks, you can develop a program in 5 minutes. Also, it allows them to launch, automate, and manage multi-affiliate campaigns. 

For your convenience, we have developed functional software. And it includes automating payments, conversion monitoring, simple integration, etc. Imagine running a business with increased brand awareness, 10x growth, and a high return on investment.

That’s precisely what you will accomplish with Metricks affiliate program tracking software. A big one, yeah? There’s more! 

Continue reading to explore Metricks affiliate program tracking software. 

What Is Affiliate Tracking Software?


Affiliate tracking software is also known as affiliate marketing software. Sometimes, it’s called performance monitoring software. It gives businesses and affiliates invaluable knowledge. It shows the aspects of their online activity that bring in the most traffic, clicks, and conversions. Also, it provides a clear picture of how effective an affiliate marketing plan is. 

The tracking of affiliate referrals is done via affiliate software solutions. The data collected by affiliate tracking software also aids merchants and affiliates in increasing visitor traffic. And it’s important because every business wants to draw in repeat customers rather than one-time buyers. Check out this guide on how to bring in repeat customers.

In addition, reliable affiliate software permits link tracking. Also, it provides choices such as customizing tracking codes or selecting alternative link designs.

Also, affiliate software makes it possible to pay affiliates based on performance metrics like click-through rates, conversion rate, and cost per click

Click-through Rate

This shows the number of visitors that visit your website after clicking an affiliate link. The success of your affiliate marketing campaign depends on achieving a high click-through rate since it directly impacts your quality score. 

Conversion Rate

This is the proportion of affiliate traffic that you turn into paying clients. It is calculated as the number of visitors to your website who complete a desired activity, divided by the total number of visitors. As a result, the conversion rate is presented as a proportion rather than an exact user count. 

Read more about Conversion Rate Optimization and how to get started.

Cost Per Click

It refers to the average amount for each click-through rate to your website. 

Successful marketers pay close attention to their KPIs because they serve as an essential reality check. With accurate tracking and reporting provided by Metricks, you will remain informed and proactive. 

Features of Metricks Affiliate Tracking Software


With the sophisticated automation features below, you’ll generate massive revenue for your business. 

1. Automated Payouts

Metricks affiliate tracking software offers real-time automated payments to affiliates. There’s no need for manual checks, Google sheets, or multiple accounts.

Thus, its built-in payment solution includes Payoneer, Stripe, Paypal, and cryptocurrencies. This makes it simple for you to guarantee that each affiliate receives payment on schedule. 

2. Multiple Campaigns

For your business to scale, Metricks affiliate tracking software allows you to customize specific programs. It provides the tools needed to manage multiple campaigns. 

3. Fraud Detection and Prevention

In today’s digital world, it’s impossible to be too careful. And affiliate marketing is vulnerable to fraud too. It is challenging to safeguard yourself against affiliate marketing fraud. This is because affiliate traffic originates from anywhere. 

However, our fraud prevention tool ensures that your clicks are reliable. We handle everything with our intelligent anti-fraud add-on. Eliminate the use of bots, non-human queries, bot lead creation, various software used by dishonest publishers, and abusive affiliate traffic.

4. Campaign Tracking

Everyone may track campaigns using Metricks affiliate tracking software. This allows you to see which efforts are paying off. And through which they can continue or stop. So, you can now concentrate on actions that will help your firm expand. 


5. Real-time Reporting

Metricks offers accurate reports and statistics. And it continuously updates you with affiliate performance data. These can be programmed to be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly. Therefore, there’s no need to create manual reports.

6. Performance Insights

Want to reward your best-performing affiliates? Metricks affiliate marketing tracking software enables you to view and compensate them. In addition, you can create commission groups and set up MLM referrals. 

7. Commission Models

Metricks affiliate program tracking software offers two commission models – fixed and percentage commission. When you select the fixed commission model, affiliates receive their one-time payment. And irrespective of the sales they make, the commission will not change.

At the same time, the percentage commission model offers affiliates commission depending on the percentage of each sale. 

8. In-app Messaging Feature

Advertisers can send out notifications with our in-app messaging feature. Also, it enables swift communication with affiliates. 

Other Features Are;

  • Generate unique tracking links
  • Upload and share creative assets
  • Geo-targeting

Benefits of Metricks affiliate tracking software


1. Easy Integration

Thanks to its high solid, feature-rich API. Metricks affiliate marketing tracking software is tailored to meet your existing workflows and activities. You can integrate Metricks affiliate program tracking software with other unique solutions – Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

Hence, giving you complete freedom and adaptability that you cannot enjoy with other software.

2. Customizable Templates

Metricks offers five fully customizable templates (trendy, formal, pop, playful, dawn). And each template has its default colours, colours, and theme.

So, you can select the one that’ll match your brand’s identity. Besides that, you can also customize your welcome message. 

3. User-Friendly Dashboard

Metricks has a user-friendly dashboard. You don’t need to have any technical expertise before walking your way through it. Hence, everybody can make use of its features. 

4. Easy Launch and Set-Up

Launching an affiliate program and linking Metricks with your e-commerce website is pretty straightforward. And you can do this within five minutes. 

5. Seamless Migration

Switching from old affiliate software to Metricks? Our smooth migration system has got you covered.  

6. Post-Purchase Widget

Enhance your affiliate network when you turn customers into affiliates with this feature. 

7. Multilingual Pack Support

No language barrier exists. Reach partners worldwide in more than 30 languages that have been appropriately translated.

Demerits of Metricks affiliate tracking software

Since its inception three years ago, no user has experienced any drawback of Metricks affiliate program tracking software

Why Choose Metricks Affiliate Tracking Software?

It is pretty daunting to manage an affiliate program, especially when you own an eCommerce or SaaS business. There may be channel confusion, and wires will cross. Therefore, it makes sense to hunt for a SaaS program to aid in the automation process, and Metricks affiliate marketing software can help with that. 

Metricks provides all the features you’ll need, whether you’re trying to start your affiliate network or want to give your current business an affiliate solution. We offer you real-time tracking, analysis, and campaign optimization. Also, our cutting-edge tools help in preventing fraudulent activities. 

Take advantage of an affiliate marketing program with Metricks to further boost your marketing efforts with the power of word-of-mouth marketing. If you have any questions or difficulty, contact us right away

How Can Metricks Help You

1. Stress-free Affiliate Program

2. Free Trial

3. Fraud Prevention

4. Automated Payment System



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