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How To Get High-Quality Leads From Google Ads


Wondering how to get high-quality leads from Google ads? Have you been spending money creating ads that attract enough visitors to your website with little or no conversions to show for it? 

If yes, read further to learn how you can gather high-quality leads from Google ads with profits to show for it. In this article, we will outline eight simple PPC tips that you may utilize to generate more quality leads for your company.

Let’s define some glossary terms you need to know to get started. 

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Glossary Terms You Need To Know About Lead Generation


1. Google ads:

Formerly known as Google Adwords, is an online advertising platform that can be used to create awareness, upgrade your business, and help sell your products and services to reach the type of people that will be interested in what you have to offer them, therefore, increasing traffic to your website. 

2. High-quality leads:

Refers to leads that have a growing propensity to convert website visitors into devoted customers.

3. Campaign:

A Google AdWords ad campaign comprises your ad groups with the same budget, type, and other ad parameters as your ad groups. When you promote, it’s the first thing you set up. And it aids in organizing your many paid advertising activities. By using your Google account, you may conduct many ads simultaneously.

4. Ad groups:

Within a single campaign, an ad group is a collection of keywords, spending limits, and targeting options for a specific goal. You might create ad groups to target women’s shoes. Also, you could create another to target men’s shoes for internet shopping. For instance, if you were conducting an advertising campaign for a shoe sale, each ad group can hold several adverts.

5. Ad extensions:

Ad extensions are specific details about your company. They include your local location, phone number, discounts, or links to other websites. They are what appear in blue beneath the descriptions of your ads.

Why Run Advertisement On Google?


With more than 5 billion daily searches, Google is the most popular search engine. Furthermore, the Google Ads platform has existed for about 20 years.

This offers it considerable experience and legitimacy in sponsored advertising. People worldwide use Google as a resource to ask inquiries that are then answered by a combination of sponsored adverts and organic results.

Do you need one more? Your competitors also use Google Ads. Plus, they might even be bidding on your branded terms.

Even if you’re ranking organically for a specific search keyword, your results will be pushed down the page below your competitors’. This is because so many firms use Google Ads to market their brands

Hence, there is no way to avoid Google Ads if you use PPC to market your goods or services. The only exception could be Facebook Ads, but that’s another issue.

How Can You Get High-Quality Leads From Google Ads?


Don’t give up if you’ve tried advertising on Google but had little luck. Your Google Ads may not operate as they should for various reasons.

However, let’s go through some common methods below to help you obtain high-quality leads from Google ads.

1. Optimize Your Landing Pages

A landing page is the first page of your website that visitors are directed to after clicking on your ad. Remember, the purpose of this page is to ask your website visitors to share some personal data. It means the content displayed and the design of your website must be well done. With this, your brand will look trustworthy and professional. 

Thereby making them put in their details, believing they made the right choice. Also, your landing page must possess a solid call to action that will push visitors to take specific steps immediately. It can even be more than one. 

Plus, it must match the ad visitors clicked on to get to your website. So, anything you promise to gift your visitors as a lead magnet, ensure you keep your promise to avoid them losing interest in your brand.

Pay attention to the factors below when building a high-authority landing page that will generate high-quality leads from Google ads: 

a. Load Time

It’s essential that when a visitor clicks on your ad, they get a redirection to a page that loads fast. If it takes too long for the page to load, they will lose attention and leave your website. 

b. Simple Forms 

Always remember to make your forms simple and easy to use, don’t request much data that will get people tired of filling out the forms, and never forget to tell visitors why they are filling out your form. 

c. Credibility

While obtaining a professional-looking website, ensure your contact details, and business information is easily accessible. The reason is that it makes it possible for potential customers to communicate with you. 

d. Navigation

Ensure your ad is about the same topic users searched for in their search query on Google to avoid confusion. 

2. Avoid Broad Keywords


Avoid broad keyword terms if you want to generate high-quality leads from Google ads to your website.

Remember, there are two types of keywords called long tail and short tail keywords. 

Long tail keywords comprise three or more words. They are well-defined and more prolonged. However, they get low search traffic but generate a high conversion rate. 

On the flip side, short-tail keywords are generally key phrases that comprise one to three words. They cover an extensive area of topics, allowing them to generate more website traffic. 

  • Check your keyword performance on ads to ensure you are not wasting money on keywords that yield no results. Research to bid on keywords that drive high-quality leads from Google ads. 
  • When running ads, keep modifying your campaigns and strategies plus keywords. Do this to see the one which works perfectly for your business. 
  • When running your ads and you notice that some keywords are bringing you high-quality leads from Google ads, it’s always good to expand how and where you use them for better search results and optimized searches. 

3. Create Ads That Quickly Turn Visitors Into Leads

Google ads have a substantial impact on online advertisement. So good Google Ads should be able to help users with their search queries.

Ads are the company’s first point of contact with visitors. Therefore, every ad on a company’s website must be perfect without errors. This will make your users stick with you.  

4. Retargeting Your Visitors

It is vital to remind your customers about the services you render. The reason is that most website visitors are not ready to convert or make purchases with your company immediately.

So, always provide value and capture their minds. Do this by publishing content that always makes your company accessible to your users.  

5. Optimize Your Ad Copy

Copies are vital when writing ads. Not just that, it helps to generate high-quality leads from Google ads. Follow these steps to optimize your ad copies: 

a. Address Your Customer’s Pain Points

Before you publish any ad, address the pain points it’s trying to solve. The essence of this is to attract the attention of your searcher to make them believe you understand their needs. 

b. Keep It Simple

Cut out the extra data that are not needed. Then, make your copies easy to understand at first glance when reading. 

6. Target Your Audience

You can target your organic visitors to know which company or individual has visited your business before through their Ip address.

With this, you can locate their contact information (phone number, email address). Also, it will help you know how to keep marketing your brand to these prospects showing them the value you can offer. 

7. Adjust Your Target Geography

If you are not experiencing positive results with your paid search, you should consider adjusting your target geography. This rule is commonly called “Geotargeting”, and the ads should sometimes be set based on local, location-specific customers. 

Below are the factors that will help you in geotargeting;

a. Verify Your Location Settings In Google Ads

Before you publish your ads, double-check to be sure you are targeting the correct locations. Ensure your ad setup consists of regions, states, and countries where your business functions. 

If you noticed a new location that would be excellent to target for your audience to reach more people, you could add it too. 

b. Perform Market Research

While setting up ads, performing market research about your target audience is paramount. This supposed research can be carried out on Google Trends. It helps you find the type of people searching keywords currently up to date. And this will be according to your business and its location. 

c. Authorize Extensions 

It is necessary to add call extensions and locations to your ads. This is because it’s a surefire way to target hyper-local audiences. 

If this is enabled on your ads setup, your company’s address and phone number will appear in your ad. Also, you can choose to use a call to action like ” click for directions” or “contact us” buttons to give visitors easy access to your company’s portfolio. 

8. Focus On The Conversions And Not Clicks

The number of clicks is not the most vital measure when running a paid ad campaign. The critical feature here is the final result. And it happens to be revenue, sales, or conversions. 

It is no news that paid advertising on Google offers the best opportunity for your business to make profits. To get the best results from running ads, you must sacrifice your time, money, and effort monitoring your paid Google ads over a while. 

Don’t just set your paid search ad campaign and leave it. NO! You will not yield results that way. In fact, your ads may get a few clicks, but they might not convert into sales. When you strategically plan to do Google Ads and PPC correctly, you will generate competent, high-quality leads from Google ads. 

Why Should You Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Lead Generation?

PPC advertising is the selected choice among marketers because of its quick results. In addition, we can describe this type of advertisement as one that appears on search engine result pages, videos, apps, social media, and websites. 

These ads we see on social media feeds while watching Youtube videos are wired to get a lot of views. But the person who owns the business doesn’t pay for views; they pay when a visitor clicks to buy. 

PPC advertising helps find customers ready to purchase products and services. And you can determine this through their search history, audience type, and data. 

Final Thoughts

If you plan to gather high-quality leads from Google ads, it’s best to map out every strategy immediately to avoid making mistakes. 

Additionally, you must be sure that you have ads and optimized landing pages customized to your target audience from the onset. So, take the time to set up your landing page so that you can get high-quality leads from your Google ads.



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