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All You Need To Know About Expedia Affiliate Program


If you operate a travel website with a large audience, you’ll enjoy what’s in store. The Expedia affiliate program allows you to earn money by connecting your readers with their dream vacation spots.

This article will teach you all you need to know about the Expedia affiliate program. Also, you will learn its pros and cons, then determine if it’s worthwhile. 

Expedia Affiliate Program


Before going into the specifics of Expedia’s program, some background information about the firm is necessary.

According to the company’s initial CEO, Expedia is a combination of the phrases “exploration” and “speed.” The company is an online travel agency based in the United States of America. They have various subsidiaries. And these include,, HomeAway,, SilverRail, and others. 

Interestingly, the company has a unique affiliate program from Expedia called Expedia provides its services in over 33 countries worldwide. As a result, they are one of the most well-known travel firms in the market.

The Expedia affiliate program functions like others. All you need do is create a website, register, advertise, and earn. It’s as easy as that. During the process, its API, like any other online business, manages how each software component on the platform connects. The goal is to make your experience as an affiliate marketer as easy as possible.

The only notable difference is that, unlike some other businesses, their affiliate program collaborates with a third-party firm. Hence, you must first register with their partner, the CJ Affiliate network, if you want to become an affiliate marketer with the Expedia group. The benefit of signing up with a third party is the availability of many marketing possibilities within your niche.

Products To Promote For Expedia Affiliate Program


Travel is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches. While Expedia does not offer a large commission rate, the items and services are often more costly. Thus, it allows you to profit more from a transaction.

Consider some of this affiliate program’s top features. Then you may capitalize on it to improve your earning potential even further.

1. Banners

You can access banners if you join Expedia’s affiliate program. They don’t have to be invasive to get clicks and sales. But they should be visually appealing rather than text-based.


2. Search Widget

Search widgets blend nicely with the existing information on your site. This capability will not require a major overhaul, and your readers may search for something after you’ve put it up. The widget will display travel-related results to encourage people to your affiliate link.

The Expedia link tool makes generating trackable links in your dashboard uncomplicated. You may copy and paste these URLs into a blog post or a page to link to specific sections of the Expedia website. So, if you want to advertise a specific bargain, you can.

You won’t just share the webpage and hope visitors go through to a booking page.

4. Package Deals Widget

Sharing discounts are a powerful method to boost affiliate sales. You may share package offers on flights and hotels with the package deals widget.

Also, you can include a widget on your website to assist your viewers in deciding where to vacation next. If they click on the widget, they will save money on their future holiday, and you will profit.

5. Affiliate Hub

You will access the affiliate portal when you sign up for the Expedia affiliate program. It centralizes the company’s affiliate marketing capabilities. With this, you can generate links or widgets to increase purchases. In addition, the hub displays statistics outlining your performance and other data.

This function allows you to track your revenue and improve clicks and purchases.


Cookie length is an essential part of high-ticket affiliate marketing. Because not all conversions occur quickly, monitoring cookies are useful for affiliates. They ensure you can still receive credit for a transaction even if the buyer does not purchase immediately.

After all, potential sales may be based on financial considerations or determining the ideal trip dates and places. Most Expedia companies use tracking cookies that are valid for seven days. And the brand tracks cookies for affiliates outside of the United States and Canada for 30 days.

Expedia Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The Expedia affiliate program commission rates differ. However, it depends on the brands and the items or services you sell on your website.

Most products pay a percentage, but you’ll get $2 for every travel booked using your affiliate link. Vacation packages, automobiles, and vacation rentals pay 2%. Whereas hotels pay 3% or 4%, depending on the brand and region.

Earn 5% on all activities, including ground transfers. Cruise bookings have the highest commission charge of 6%. Expedia and base their fee on the total transaction amount. On the other hand, Vrbo, Stayz, and others pay a commission depending on the net rental amount.

Advantages Of The Expedia Affiliate Program


You will receive several attractive benefits when you join the Expedia affiliate program. Discover why to be an Expedia affiliate.

1. Good Reputation

Expedia has an excellent reputation among many clients. So, you may leverage its trustworthiness to promote the brand and increase sales.

2. Many Brands

You may advertise, Vrbo, and other travel businesses as an Expedia affiliate without joining specific programs.

3. Promotional Tools

Expedia provides various marketing tools to affiliates. It offers banners, and a linking device, to help you promote your Expedia affiliate links and enhance your income. 

4. No Registration Fee

Any reliable affiliate program should be free to join, and Expedia is.

You can receive credit for a sale up to seven days after someone clicks on the link. While it is not the oldest, it is superior to specific affiliate programs that use 24-hour cookie tracking.

Disadvantages Of The Expedia Affiliate Program


There are certain disadvantages to the Expedia affiliate program. Before you sign up, consider the following factors:

1. Delayed Payouts

Unfortunately, Expedia will not pay until a traveler has completed their journey. And this might take weeks or months.

2. Low Commission Rate

Even if a deal counts, the maximum you may earn is 6% on cruise reservations.

3. Payment Method

Expedia pays you via Partnerize. Though, this payment method might take some time to set up.

FAQs On Expedia Affiliate Program

Is the Expedia Affiliate Program Free?

Fortunately, you can join the Expedia affiliate program for free by simply applying. But, if you’ve never used Expedia as a consumer, you should give it a go. Then, ensure that you enjoy and trust the service before promoting it to your audience.

While you can suggest services you haven’t used, you don’t want to betray your readers’ confidence. If you are hesitant about Expedia, you should look for comparable programs to advertise.

How Much Do Expedia Affiliates Make?

If you promote the correct items and services, you may make a lot of money. Also, you’ll have to stay consistent since Expedia’s commission rates are low. The amount you earn from the Expedia affiliate program is determined by various criteria other than having a captivated audience or intriguing content.

How Do I Receive Payment From Expedia Affiliate Program?

Expedia always pays its affiliate through its partner, Partnerize. Pay attention to the specifics of program payments and the time to receive your funds.

When Does Expedia Pay Affiliates?

Expedia will reward you once a traveler has completed their trip. It implies that you may not get paid for several months after someone books using your link. However, Expedia does not reward canceled reservations.

Waiting may be preferable to having to reimburse Expedia if a consumer cancels. Consequently, when you receive the money, you won’t have to worry about how to spend it.

Who Should Join the Expedia Affiliate Program?

Even though the Expedia affiliate program is well-known, not all bloggers should participate. Before you sign up as an affiliate, check whether you can seamlessly add links to your content. If you fit into one of the following groups, adding affiliate links to your blog should be simple.

1. Travel Blogger
2. Lifestyle Blogger
3. Local Blogger

Final Thoughts

The Expedia affiliate program is an excellent way to make extra cash if you can know how to do active online marketing. After reading this post, we’re sure you now have all the information you need to start. Best wishes!



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