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What is Earning Per Click (EPC) Affiliate Marketing?


Earnings per click (EPC) affiliate marketing: From time immemorial, man has always sought ways to survive and cater to his various needs. Prior to the increase in the use of technology, it was a bit of a herculean task to make money from the sales of various products online.

With the advent of increased technology via smartphones, came digital marketing which involves the sale of various products without having to set up a physical store as you can sell your products or the product of other individuals online.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

There are so many definitions of affiliate marketing and most are complicated as they tend to make affiliate marketing look like a grand scheme that would not yield results. Well, if you were in the boat where it was explained in complicated terms, then this article is for you.

If you have a phobia about venturing into affiliate marketing, carefully digest this article. Apply all that would be taught and see how you would graduate from rookie to professional.

If there has ever been a time in your life where you recommended a product to someone after using it and the person bought it, you are an affiliate marketer. 

As you can see, even without reading, you are already an affiliate marketer. The only difference between you and those who take on affiliate marketing as a job is that they get paid. Yes, you heard that right. 

And the beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t necessarily need to own the products that you sell. 

In summary, affiliate marketing simply means the sale of digital or physical products in order to get an agreed commission from a merchant based on a standing agreement.

What Does Earning Per Click Affiliate Marketing Mean?


EPC affiliate marketing simply means earning per click affiliate marketing, and it is the average earning you would receive per click on a unique link given to you by a merchant. 

In EPC affiliate marketing you get your EPC value by dividing your revenue earned by the number of clicks you sent to the offer. For example, if you send an offer of 1000 clicks and earn $10.00 then your EPC would be $0.01 per click.

When one decides to venture into EPC affiliate marketing, the company that owns the products one intends to sell would generate a special link for the individual. 

This link would be unique to the individual participating in EPC affiliate marketing and it is this link that would be used to track the progress made by the individual either in selling the products of the brand or attracting more customers to the site owned by the brand. 

To participate in EPC affiliate marketing, one may need to part with some sum of money as a sign of commitment to the affiliate program. However, some companies may not ask for any money before enrolling in their EPC affiliate marketing program.

As you have seen, EPC marketing entails convincing people to buy the goods sold on a site via your link. 

This would in turn mean that you have to convince people to click on your EPC affiliate marketing link and to successfully do this you would require people to;

Trust you:

In earning per click affiliate marketing, it is vital that you gain the trust of your prospective customers. This is because, with the level of cyber insecurity currently being high, people tend to shy away from clicking on links they don’t trust. Thus defeating the entire process of EPC affiliate marketing.

So before venturing into EPC affiliate marketing, ensure to carry out proper research on the prospective company you wish to work for as an affiliate marketer. A bad image gotten as a result of your inability to carry out proper research may scar you for life and create a bogus face for you.

To be influenced by your content:

To be successful, you’d need to create awesome contents that would spur prospective customers to click your unique link. 

Content stands asking and it would increase the tendency of having people click your link. But you must ensure that the content you generate for EPC affiliate marketing resonates with your prospective audience.

This can be achieved when your content clearly shows

  1. How it works.
  2. How people can get into the game if they desire.
  3. And lastly, the progress you have made since you ventured into EPC affiliate marketing.

Be influenced to follow your social media handles

Thanks to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, etc, you can now easily create solid online visibility. 

It would be difficult to see anyone who does not have one or more social media accounts in this present age. So this should serve as a cue for you to harness the power of social media to upscale in EPC affiliate marketing.

Pros and Cons of Earning Per Click Affiliate Marketing

epc affiliate marketing

It is pertinent to note that like every business, it is not spared from having its own advantages and dis-advantage. For your own sake, it would be necessary you meticulously go through these well-thought pros and cons in earning per click affiliate marketing given below.

1. Pros of Being in EPC affiliate marketing

  • You don’t need a physical store to carry out EPC affiliate marketing as your mobile phone or PC would suffice.
  • Having your own product or service is not necessary for EPC affiliate marketing.
  • Most businesses require a lot of capital to start up. But it is easy to start up as most of the programs let you join for free. Also, even when they demand money, it is usually affordable.
  • In EPC affiliate marketing, you don’t bother about shipping costs as the merchant takes care of it.
  • Earnings per click can serve as a means of generating a passive income to supplement that of your full-time job.
  • EPC affiliate marketing works anywhere with a WIFI connection.
  • EPC affiliate marketing encourages exponential growth as it requires you to put in your A-game to succeed.

2. Cons of Being in EPC Affiliate Marketing

  • Seeing that EPC affiliate marketing generates a link for individuals involved, there would be a high rate of competition.
  • In EPC affiliate marketing, the merchant owns the customer.
  • Company may “ghost” when payment time is due.
  • EPC affiliate marketing makes use of technology for tracking the unique links of affiliates. Thus, it is very possible for poor tracking systems to not attribute your sales properly.
  • To survive in EPC affiliate marketing, you need to build traffic for referrals, and this can consume your time.
  • You cannot vouch for the reputation of your customers. And this can damage your reputation and relationship with your merchant if your customer is bad.
  • In the same vein, if you don’t carry out proper research before venturing into an EPC affiliate marketing program, you may end up creating a bogus impression about yourself if the merchant is bad.

Ways to Earn in EPC Affiliate Marketing

In EPC affiliate marketing you can earn money in various ways depending on the option provided by the merchant. The methods of earning listed below for EPC affiliate marketing can guide you into understanding which would serve you better.

1. Form Submission:

This method of earning in EPC affiliate marketing involves you sharing a special ad, blog post, video or social post which should generate a certain amount of views. The number of views gotten would determine the amount you would be paid.

2. Number of Clicks:

In this method of earning in EPC affiliate marketing, a unique link is created for you to make use of. Whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, or blog post containing your unique link, you will be paid. For example, if you include a link that nets $0.1 per click when 200 people click, you would earn $20.

3. Number of Actions taken by Visitors:

This form of EPC affiliate marketing entails getting paid whenever a visitor takes a specific action such as purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter.

4. Complete Purchase:

This method of earning in EPC affiliate marketing requires a longer sales cycle. It requires your referral to complete the purchase of goods or services rendered by your merchant before you can get paid. Though it may take time, it pays the highest amongst the various means of earning listed. 


As much as EPC affiliate marketing sounds too good with the mouth-watering prospects it offers, it is pertinent to note that it is not a “get-rich-quick-scheme”.

It requires you to put in the work and be committed to it as much as you can because earning in it is tied to the number of clicks, actions or sales you can garner for your merchant.

FAQs About Earning Per Click

Is EPC affiliate marketing a scam?

Due diligence is required to determine if an EPC affiliate marketing scheme is a scam. You can research the company you want to be affiliated with, and check their online presence. If they have a physical store, visit the store to see how to run it too.

Is EPC affiliate marketing profitable?

Yes, it is but it is totally dependent on the amount of work you put into it. For the affiliate marketing that involves you parting with a certain amount of money to join, some merchants may want to lure you into believing that you do not need to put in much effort to make a profit. So do your due diligence.

How long does it take to make a profit in EPC affiliate marketing?

Considering the fact that making a profit in EPC affiliate marketing is tied to your visitors, you would need to build your audience and gain their trust. Gaining the trust of people you barely know is not a walk in the park, it takes time and requires strong conviction.



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