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10 Best Books For Ecommerce Startup Founders


Every founder needs the best books for eCommerce business. There is no other way to learn and feel motivated but by reading. This is because the best books for eCommerce will show you how to set up and run your company.

A book might be thought of as your best friend. People today use blogs, websites, and YouTube videos to learn new things. However, these sites never show in-depth procedures. 

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best books for eCommerce startup founders to walk you through the proper direction and steps towards achieving your goal. These books will expand your understanding of eCommerce, entrepreneurship, and growth.

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The 10 Best Books For Ecommerce Startup Founders


1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Written By: Stephen R. Covey

Stephen R. Covey wrote the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first published in 1989. The book remains the best seller because it overlooks fads and pop psychology in favour of eternal values of justice, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. One of the best books for eCommerce – the 7 habits of highly effective people, has enlightened and encouraged millions. 

In addition, it has helped to alter the lives of millions of startup founders of all ages and sectors. Regardless of how capable a business owner is, he will not achieve long-term success unless he can successfully lead himself.

He must be able to affect, interact, and work with others and consistently grow and refresh his talents. These components are crucial to personal, team, and corporate performance.

Every day, eCommerce owners confront obstacles that need to make crucial decisions. This book will help you cut through the noise, focus on what matters, and lead successfully.

Read The Book Here

2. The Art Of Gathering: How We Meet And Why It Matters

Written By: Priya Parker 

In the book The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker asserts that the events in our lives are dull and ineffective, but they shouldn’t be. Humans rely too much on procedure and traditions, whereas we should focus on uniqueness and the people involved. 

Also, Parker proposes a human-centred strategy for gathering. And this will help everybody make effective, unforgettable encounters, large and small, for work and play, ‌when getting together is more crucial than ever.

Parker directs us towards conferences of all types to illustrate what works, what doesn’t, and why, drawing on her experience as a facilitator of high-powered meetings worldwide. We chose this as one of the best books for eCommerce startup founders because it’ll analyze the way you view reunions, and conferences and how you host/attend them. 

Read The Book Here

3. How To Be An Overnight Success: Making It In Business

Written By: Maria Hatzistefanis

When the skincare brand Rodial released their cult ‘snake’ serum, the press dubbed it an ‘overnight hit.’ The founder of Rodial, Maria Hatzistefanis, worked for 18 years, starting the firm from beginning in her home. In this highly approachable book, the cosmetics boss illustrates that its success resulted from hard work, determination, relentless efforts, and utmost patience.

How to be an overnight success talks about building a cosmetic company. Irrespective of the challenges, failure at school, and losing her first job, Maria still succeeded. She accomplished this by thinking big, working hard, and surrounding herself with the best chances. 

And now, her brand is famous among high-profile models and media celebrities such as Poppy Delevingne, Daisy Lowe, and Kylie Jenner. Judging from the fact that it includes excellent business tips, it is one of the best books for eCommerce startup founders, especially if you need motivation. 

Read The Book Here

4. The Personal MBA: Master The Art Of Business

Written By: Josh Kaufman 

If you’re seeking one of the best books for eCommerce startup founders, The Personal MBA is your best‌ bet. It is an alternative to the expensive and time-consuming business degree. 

The personal MBA teaches founders to master the art of business. Also, it has helped many business owners by explaining entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, strategy, management, and performance.


Furthermore, it simplifies business into conceptual frameworks you can use for your firm. True leaders do not emerge from top universities. Rather, they seek ‌the information, skills, and experience required to succeed. Therefore, reading this book will teach you the ideas that most people take ages to grasp in just one week.

Read The Book Here

5. The Complete E-Commerce Book: Design, Build And Maintain A Successful Web-Based Business

Written By: Janice Reynolds 

The Complete eCommerce Book is one of the best books for eCommerce startup founders, and it gives a comprehensive guide to starting an eCommerce business. Hence, it’s a must-have! 

The Complete E-Commerce Book contains a lot of knowledge on how to manage and run a profitable web-based business. 

Also, many of the chapters include guidance and advice on how to implement contemporary e-business ideas. This thorough, step-by-step guide will help you realize your e-commerce ambition. 

Read The Book Here

6. Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Written By: Tony Hseih 

Do you care to know how Zappos earned over $ 1 billion within one year? Are you curious to find the path Tony Hsieh walked through before feting to Zappos? Then, go for Delivering Happiness – one of the best books for eCommerce.

As a startup owner, you want to strike a ‌mix of profitability, passion, and purpose. You want to create a long-lasting business and brand. Also, you want to build a more robust corporate culture that will make your employees and teammates happy. Besides that, you want increased employee engagement, which will lead to increased productivity. 

Additionally, you want to provide a better customer experience. Therefore, increasing customers’ loyalty and greater earnings. This book is a great way to spark a fire and achieve all your eCommerce store goals.

Read The Book Here

7. One-Click: Jeff Bezos And The Rise Of

Written By: Richard L. Brandt

As founders, don’t fail to learn from your mistakes. Some errors are costly and difficult to remedy. Instead, you must look to the future to learn from those ‌two steps ahead of you. Thus, you’ll be able to sidestep all the tripping obstacles they weren’t fortunate enough to bypass.

Richard Brandt takes readers on a journey through the life of Amazon’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. Also, he gave a walk about his rapid climb from being a “computer nerd to world-changing entrepreneur.” The book follows Amazon’s ascent from its humble beginnings (in a garage) to its current status as a global powerhouse. 

It’s thrilling to read and is one of the best books for eCommerce. One click will present you with a unique viewpoint on how to develop a long-lasting and profit-driven eCommerce store. 

Read The Book Here

8. Best On SEO: SEO 2020

Written By: Adam Clarke  

If you’re launching an e-commerce site, your target audience must see you—which necessitates rising to the top of Google search results. However, it’s hard to achieve this unless you grasp the foundations of search engine optimization. Luckily, “SEO 2020” teaches all you need to know.


You’ll discover how to select ‌keywords, gain more clients, and stay relevant. Because Google is constantly growing, it’s best to have a book that considers the most recent developments, such as the emphasis on constructing a mobile-optimized and fast-loading site. Furthermore, this book is updated annually.

Read The Book Here

9. The Launch

Written By: Jeff Walker 

One of the best books for eCommerce startup founders is Launch. It can help you to grow your business rapidly. Whether you currently have a business or want to start one, it is a tried-and-true formula for success.

The launch is a treasure map of the corporate internet world of business owners that uses product and business launches to produce cash-on-demand payday. Thus, it’s a globe with more opportunities than ever before… but also greater competitors.

This book will provide you with an advantage. Whether you already have a business or are just starting, you’ll learn how to start and develop it rapidly.

This is the formula for tremendous success. Therefore, the big question is, will you start slowly and fade into obscurity like so many other would-be business owners? Or are you prepared for a launch that will transform your company and your life? 

The ball is in your court!

Read The Book Here

10. Raising Capital: Get The Money You Need To Grow Your Business

Written By: Andrew J. Sherman

As a startup founder, you need capital for various purposes. Before launching, you need to pay rent, stock up, acquire equipment, and even pay salaries. However, there are many smart options. These include personal savings, crowdsourcing, loan, grants, venture capitalists, and other methods. 

The book – Raising Capital provides a detailed guide on gaining capital for funding and continuously growing your business. Andrew simplifies the vocabulary for anyone to read and understand. Besides that, he also gives important insights, such as launch strategies, loan requests, proposals, and so on.

Read The Book Here

Final Thoughts On The Best Books For Ecommerce Startup Founders

In this article, we’ve recommended the best books for eCommerce startup founders. Undoubtedly, these books can assist you in developing the greatest eCommerce site for your company. That’s not all. 

There are numerous books available on this subject. And the more you read, the more you grow. So, now is the time to get your copy from the internet and expand your eCommerce business.



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