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Top 20 Best Affiliate Software For WordPress


Are you looking to manage your affiliates with the best affiliate software for WordPress? Affiliate marketing is a tried-and-true method of increasing brand exposure and its offerings. That’s why most small, medium, and large-scale businesses add it to their marketing approach. E-commerce stores may expand using various affiliate software. 

And, regardless of the website’s size, you can easily manage all your affiliate links. In this article, we will highlight the 20 best affiliate software for WordPress. So, let’s get started…

However, if you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, one of our most popular articles provides more detail. You can find it right here.

What Are the Benefits of Using The Best Affiliate Software For WordPress?


Aside from adding an affiliate link to your content, an affiliate tracking software for WordPress may assist you in various ways. First, it allows users to track and preserve affiliate links.

Also, you can distribute affiliate links across social media channels and blogs. As a result, you’ll be able to improve website traffic and establish a devoted consumer base.

You can easily measure the progress of your affiliate links and content. As a result, the best affiliate software will assist you in monetizing your website. Not just that, it’ll provide the best potential outcome. 

Now that you understand the benefits of affiliate software let’s go over the best affiliate tracking software for WordPress.

Top 20 Best Affiliate Software For WordPress

Below are the 20 best affiliate software for WordPress;

Easy Affiliate


Easy Affiliate is an affiliate software for WordPress. The team behind the development of MemberPress, and Pretty Links, created this great tool. The MemberPress team created Easy Affiliate for internal use. Then, they opted to offer it as a different product after discovering they had such a great tool. 

With Easy affiliate, you may build up an affiliate registration process. It will help you hire the relevant individuals. 

Each affiliate has its own dashboard, which includes promotions and features for link management. Affiliates can create new URLs whenever they want. And the affiliate software for WordPress can track payments. 


Amazon Auto Links is an affiliate software for WordPress. It is created specifically for Amazon affiliate programs. This plugin lets you easily include Amazon affiliates’ links in your articles. To begin with, the Amazon Auto Links software provides 18 Amazon locales.

However, it is compatible with browsers that do not enable javascript. In addition, the plugin is compatible with the most recent Amazon APIs. So, if you use an initial version, you can renew keys in the Amazon Associates member’s area. You don’t even require shortcodes to show a particular product in a post. 

All you need to do is to copy and paste the product URL into the description box. Similarly, the plugin offers auto-link generation. You may convert URLs on Amazon items to affiliate links in this manner. 

In addition, this plugin supports widgets, shortcodes, and PHP functions. It enables you to exhibit the goods you want while concealing those you don’t want people to view. Similarly, you may use this plugin to build custom buttons, which is excellent for lead conversions.


Impact is one of the best affiliate software for WordPress. It enables you to track and enhance your affiliate’s marketing data effortlessly. Though, it accomplishes this by establishing a direct link between the affiliate networks you operate with and your analytics software. So, Impact will record any activity that takes place – when one clicks an affiliate link or makes a purchase.  

In addition, it will send it immediately to your analytics platform. There, it will be shown in real-time. Impact’s method, unlike other solutions, is platform-agnostic. This means that it works with any network on the market. 

Also, it boosts efficiency by eliminating duplicate data inputs from the mix.



You could wish to run your affiliate program on its platform at some point, but a WordPress plugin for convenient tracking is a good start. That’s where Metricks come in!

Metricks is a powerful affiliate software that allows you to set up an affiliate program within five minutes. Without a doubt, you can track and manage your affiliates seamlessly using its powerful features. Users may alter referral commissions based on their participation in the referral program.

Metricks reporting and analytics tool lets you monitor statistics. They are the number of clicks, website visits, conversions, commissions, income, and net revenue. Its email channel enables users to interact with customers, affiliates, and followers. This will help maintain affiliates’ relationships. 

Its key features include;

  • Customized affiliates onboarding
  • Unique affiliate link generation
  • Geo-targeting
  • Multilingual support and many more.

WP Affiliate Manager


The WP Affiliate Manager plugin allows you to administer an affiliate program while boosting traffic to your website and sales. It is one of the most cost-effective affiliate software for WordPress. This solution aids in the affiliates’ hiring, enrollment, login, and maintenance. 

In addition, you can track your affiliates’ referrals on your site and correctly distribute commissions. This best affiliate software for WordPress works seamlessly with powerful online e-commerce platforms. And it includes configurable emails, enabling you to convey personalized greetings to your affiliates.

Post Affiliate Pro


The Post Affiliate Pro is one of those best affiliate software for WordPress that is continually updated to stay current with market dynamics. It offers a user-friendly interface for both retailers and affiliates. Similarly, it employs multiple tracking methods, providing you with the most reliable affiliate tracking software for WordPress. The plugin also protects against fraudulent activities. 

Also, read about how to prevent affiliate fraud

This plugin has a plethora of features for branding and advertising. Aside from the usual banner selections, there are other unique banner-type alternatives. The software’s user interface is one-of-a-kind. And the most excellent feature is that you can completely customize it.


Pretty Links topped our list of the 20 best affiliate software for WordPress, which makes total sense. It is a powerful plugin for links and affiliate management, automation, and short links. This tool converts those long and unattractive affiliate URLs into something a lot easier to recall. Thus, it allows the links to impact your visitors more. 

Anyone can create short URLs quickly for social or marketing and promotions. Or use PrettyLinks to make external affiliate connections more visually appealing. It is quite simple to use Pretty Links. Hence, anyone who is knowledgeable about the WordPress UI can handle it. 

So, you don’t need any coding abilities to organize your links like an expert. Therefore, it’s an all-in-one link management plugin ideal for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and social media marketers. Also, anybody who wants to make WordPress links more appealing can use it.



Regardless of how much you make from your website, your business needs google analytics. And using MonsterInsights is the most convenient way for affiliate marketers. We added it to our list of the best affiliate software for WordPress because it includes an affiliate link tracking tool. Also, it provides detailed data on the performance of all your affiliate campaigns.

MonsterInsights is also far more user-friendly than Google Analytics. A WordPress newcomer may be unsure how or where to insert the tracking code. However, MonsterInsights is significantly easier to set up because it requires no code on your website.



Tapfiliate is yet another best affiliate software for WordPress. It’s an affiliate tracking software for WordPress that is cloud-based. You may use it to develop, track, and enhance your affiliate/referral programs.

It’s ideal for e-commerce, SaaS, B2B, and B2C who want to launch and manage their affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing programs.

Tapfiliate enables advertisers to give referral links and vouchers. These may measure affiliate-driven conversions on their online stores or SaaS websites. And carry out the integration, then insert the codes on your website. Your clicks and conversions will be tracked by them.

Thirsty Affiliates


Let’s say you’re a blogger who wants to improve your affiliate marketing strategy. In this scenario, the Thirsty Affiliates software for WordPress is the most outstanding alternative for you. It gives you all the features you need to monetize your site with affiliate marketing. This plugin is quite simple to install. 

After installation, the software will display a new post type and a button in your visual editor. Avoiding the link conflicts that are typical with other techniques.

Furthermore, the software improves performance by maintaining the data clean, up to date, and optimized. Thirsty Affiliates facilitates improved link management. 

Likewise, the tracking software for WordPress provides various secure redirect settings. It includes features such as intelligent uncloaking.

Additionally, you may use this best affiliate software for WordPress to add visuals to affiliate links. Its analytical feature is helpful since it includes clicks, stats, and reporting information.

Thirsty Affiliates have essential features. It includes 100% backup compatible with standard WordPress backup solutions. Additionally, it allows for total exports and imports using conventional WordPress features.



Affiliates is yet another of the best affiliate software for WordPress websites. Its robust growth-oriented features enable you to manage a profitable affiliate marketing network.

The Affiliate software has a modern, straightforward, and sophisticated dashboard to administer your site, products, and services. 

Furthermore, there are several affiliate management areas to assist you in better managing your affiliate links. 

Similarly, its built-in dashboard allows you to share links to any page or website. The Affiliates plugin may be integrated with other platforms. Besides that, this affiliate software for WordPress provides a stable structure for programmers who want to modify it.


EasyAzon WordPress Plugin

EasyAzon is one of the simplest and most effective affiliate software for WordPress. You can add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress posts using this tool. This plugin allows you to establish affiliate links to any Amazon product without having to do it yourself.

One can easily set up, install and use the EasyAzon software. The plugin is compatible with all Amazon Associates affiliate programs. You may use it to open affiliate links in new windows. Also, you can apply the no-follow tag. 

You receive complete access to Amazon Affiliate Training with the EasyAzon affiliate software for WordPress. It offers information on how to construct a profitable Amazon Affiliate Site. Not only that, it shows how to optimize your website’s earnings, keyword research techniques, etc.



WPForms is a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop affiliate software for WordPress form. WPForms allow you to create stunning contact forms quickly. You can also build sign-up forms, transaction forms, and other forms for your website. And without the aid of a programmer.

Over 500,000 people downloaded WPForms. Since its inception in 2016, it has become popular among bloggers, company owners, artists, and developers. In addition, you can receive payments, donations, and orders with Paypal and stripe addons.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates


Yes! The YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is another best affiliate software for WordPress. It enables you to conduct an effective affiliate program to generate traffic to your store. Besides that, you can gain new customers and increase income. This affiliate software for WordPress enables you to form connections with consumers quickly. 

Also, it increases your relationship with bloggers, influencers, and others. And in turn, encourage them to generate traffic to your articles, social media postings etc. It’s a win-win situation since you’ll get qualified leads, traffic, and revenue. And your affiliates will earn a percentage of the sales they make.

You can instantly begin an affiliate program with YITH WooCommerce Affiliate. The free edition includes all you need to monitor affiliates, earnings, and statistics.

WP Content Pilot


With WP Material Pilot Pro, you can keep records of certain RSS feeds. Also, one can automatically post from that site to your site. And also, import the author, tags, categories, and featured pictures. In addition to that, you may republish content from social media channels. 

Do you want to spice things up with visuals? WP Content Pilot Pro can use keywords to search YouTube for related videos. It uses Flickr for photos and then auto-publishes them to your website.

This affiliate tracking software for WordPress assists affiliates marketers. It helps by automatically adding product details from sites to your blog, along with affiliate links.



Shareasale is a well-known affiliate software for WordPress. It has over twenty years of marketing and sales expertise. The firm is popular and well-reviewed, and affiliate registration is free.

Affiliates have access to over 4,800 merchants in various sectors and specialist industries. Making it simple to identify the best fit for your website.

In affiliate marketing, ShareASale serves two customers: affiliates and merchants. Affiliates use ShareASale to locate items for promotion. Thus, they earn commissions on product referrals. The Affiliates use their websites, blogs, PPC campaigns, social networks, SEO campaigns, RSS feeds, and email. 

On the other hand, merchants establish, track, and administer their affiliate programs. Making it an affiliate tracking software for WordPress.



RafflePress is the market’s best affiliate software for WordPress giveaways and contests. With just a few clicks, you can start viral giveaways and competitions.

You can do this with its drag-and-drop builder and established giveaway themes. Raffles was designed with actions and achievement in mind. Ensuring that it is always exceptionally quick. And that every move helps you build your website faster.

RafflePress has all the functionality you’ll need to run a successful giveaway or competition on your eCommerce store.

SliceWP Affiliate Plugin


SliceWP Affiliates is a very new affiliate software for WordPress. The reason is that it’s been available since 2020. However, its customer rating has been good. Hence, it is in our list of the 20 best affiliate software for WordPress. 

 SliceWP is straightforward to use and has an appealing UI. This best affiliate software for WordPress is simple to set up. Besides that, you can connect with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and other plugins. Thus, it is appropriate for anybody looking to set up an affiliate network for their online stores. 

The free edition includes all the essential features for tracking referrals and managing affiliates. At the same time, the premium edition has additional features. And they include customizations, reports, and cross-site tracking.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro


This is an all-in-one affiliate management solution. The Ultimate affiliate pro includes whatever you need to create an affiliate program on your WordPress site. It also provides the features to monitor your affiliates and advertisements in one location.

Ultimate affiliate software for WordPress allows affiliates to conduct their marketing campaigns. They will do this using a set of tools and measuring metrics. Such metrics include CPC, CPA, and CPM. With an MLM framework. What’s more? Affiliates may also hire new others using this best affiliate software for WordPress.

Solid Affiliate Plugin


Solid Affiliate is a new affiliate software for WordPress that adds an affiliate or referral network to any WooCommerce site. This software enables you to track the sales your affiliates make for your eCommerce business. The plugin offers unique features so you can manage the commissions. Also, it provides several payment channels for affiliates.

However, Solid Affiliate WP is specially designed for WooCommerce sites. This is unlike other best affiliate software for WordPress that interface with different plugins. Another appealing aspect of this tool is that it is now supplied with lifetime support and updates.

Therefore, you do not have to pay for it year after year. So take advantage of this offer while you can!

Final Thoughts on the 20 Best Affiliate Software for WordPress

We’ve ended up with the 20 best affiliate software for WordPress. If you understand the benefits of using the best affiliate software for WordPress, you’ll make the most out of them. But before you choose a tool, make sure you know its uses. Also, visit its official website and read up on its features.

Looking for the very best affiliate tracking software for WordPress, take advantage of Metricks mind-blowing features. 



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