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Top 15 Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid


What’s the best affiliate software for Ecwid?  If you currently use Ecwid, you’d know, that it can be used to add a store to any existing website quickly. Also, it takes only a few clicks to upload your items online. However, now that your Ecwid store is up and running, you might be unsure about your next action. The next step for many e-Commerce businesses is to launch an affiliate program. 

Have you already started to harness the power of affiliate marketing programs? If not, check out How Affiliate Marketing Can Transform Your Business.

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What Is Ecwid?


Ecwid is a powerful e-commerce software that enables the creation and management of small-to-midsize online enterprises. Any website may use the plugin to give it a unique online store focus. Ecwid widget integration is so straightforward and intuitive. Thus, neither a background in web design nor extensive coding knowledge is necessary.

A wide range of eCommerce activities is possible with Ecwid. You may upload and edit item photographs. Besides that, one can add titles and monitor progress data using its app. Also, you can receive and manage client orders, set up payment method settings, and manage product catalogs. 

Therefore, websites built with Ecwid have alluring designs and functionality. Do you have any reservations about integrating the best affiliate software for your Ecwid store? Keep reading while we show you the benefits of integrating the best affiliate software for Ecwid. 

What Can The Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid Do For You?


Keep reading to discover the five key benefits of integrating the best affiliate software for Ecwid.

1. Diversify Sales And Marketing Efforts

Firstly, the most evident benefit of the best affiliate software for Ecwid is its effect on your earnings. Integrating the best affiliate software for Ecwid is a brand-new option to boost your sales.

After all, relying too much on one type of marketing is never a wise idea. Hence, widen your customer base and create a new income stream with affiliate marketing.

An affiliate must promote your goods and direct qualified visitors your way. Then, they will receive payment by earning a commission on purchases made via their links. With this, you get exposed to more potential customers.

2. Obtain a Larger Audience

Affiliates expand your audience by gaining customer trust. So, when affiliates promote your services, you’ll be exposed to new audiences that you would not have been able to contact.

Therefore, the simplest approach to get your company in front of your target market is through the best affiliate software for Ecwid.

3. Customer Trust

Lately, traditional marketing is losing favor with internet users. Influencers and brand ambassadors are now gaining the spotlight as reliable marketers. Thus, customers believe them more, because they appear friendly and genuine. 

Affiliates work very hard to gain the confidence of their audience. By only endorsing deserving goods and services, they uphold that trust. It’s simple to increase “social proof” by working with affiliates.

4. Expand Your Business

Using the best affiliate software for Ecwid gives you an ideal chance to grow your business. Larger audiences and more profitability give your business more flexibility. And having more sales enables you to expand your product options.

Also, it helps you recruit more personnel or build physical sites. Lastly, it will lead to an expansion of your eCommerce store. 

5. Maximize ROI

Generally speaking, the best affiliate software for Ecwid will instantly increase your return on investment. This is because affiliates drive high traffic to your websites. However, it depends on the rate at which your website converts. Also, it depends on the speed of demand for your products and services. 

For instance, if your eCommerce store has a great product that can convert well, expect great ROI. Though, you need to give your affiliate program at least three months to gain traction with affiliates. For a more excellent result, we recommend launching an affiliate program on Metricks

The Top 15 Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid

Below is the list of the top 15 best affiliate software for Ecwid. 

1. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Post Affiliate Pro


Post affiliate pro enables you to pay for referred purchases, leads, and clicks. It automates your entire affiliate marketing program. Also, it is an excellent tool for finding and managing your affiliates. Each affiliate will receive various marketing and promotional tools to help spread the word about your company. 

Additionally, it will keep track of referrals, commissions, payout records, and more for your affiliate. Post Affiliate Pro provides very accurate tracking and limitless plugin integration. 

2. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Metricks


We have been offering the best affiliate tracking software for over three years. One of the best methods to increase sales, traffic, and search engine rankings is by installing Metricks on your website. For you to launch and manage an affiliate program seamlessly, Metricks provides all the resources required. 

Our affiliate management system is user-friendly, effective, and flexible enough to meet your needs. With Metricks, each affiliate will have access to their customized dashboard. Most Ecwid store owners use Metricks because it is easy to onboard affiliates. 

Not only that, it offers real-time reporting. Plus, Metricks is fast, intuitive, and can contain an unlimited number of affiliates. Visit our official website for more features. 

3. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Affiliatly


Affiliatly makes it simple and quick for you to launch an affiliate marketing program. Its various tools help you customize every aspect of the app. So, you can actualize your ideas and make them uniquely yours. 

Affiliatly offers a wide range of features and tracking techniques. And this helps in increasing sales visitors, tracking, and managing affiliates. Affiliatly various tracking methods are referral links, coupon codes, clients’ emails, etc.

4. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: iDevAffiliate


With iDevAffiliate, handling the payment structure and commissions is easy. This product has many features, including reports, payments, advertising layouts, billing, shopping carts, and others. Additionally, it provides monthly planning for members. And this is done with the express purpose of showing them how to generate additional revenue. 

Depending on your needs, this solution may be either a cloud build or a permit-based system. iDevAffiliate is scalable for beginners to experts. And it features advanced commissioning, such as coupon codes. iDevAffiliate is also one of the affiliate software for Wix.

5. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: OSI Affiliate Software


One of the most well-liked and successful affiliate programs for Ecwid is OSI Affiliate Software. Not only that, it is an affiliate software for Wix. With the help of this plugin, you may manage marketing campaigns across several media. 

Also, you will earn more income with OSI. This could occur when you empower your consumers to act as sales agents for your company. 

What’s more? OSI provides all the assistance and automated tools required to promote your brand. One of the advantages of OSI Affiliate Software is the social media referral feature. And to advance on your referral marketing campaigns, use the contest management option that comes with this program.  

6. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Rocket Referrals


An affiliate app called Rocket Referrals enables business owners to design unique referral programs for their clients. Businesses may simply construct a unique referral program with Rocket Referrals. Also, they can alter the program’s appearance and feel. Besides that, they decide on prizes for referrals. 

Rocket referrals keep track of referrals using an integrated reporting system. Additionally, it  provides businesses with the option to export referral data into a CSV file for additional research.

7. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Amplifinity


You may use Amplifinity as a tool to manage your referral campaigns. Additionally, with its aid, you may benefit from excellent lead generation. You can consider using Amplifinity if you need to establish a solid rapport with affiliates. You can make their life easier as they continue to utilize the tool. 

Amplifinity, on the other hand, gives you total control so you can customize your outbound marketing strategies and get fantastic results. Also, see these 20 best affiliate software for Woocommerce. 

8. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: 360º Referral Program Suite


To unleash the extraordinary potential of referral marketing, 360º uses cutting-edge automation technology. Its user-friendly system integrates with other software you are familiar with. Thus, it gives you the chance to create a large business. 

With the help of this tool, you can easily manage an affiliate promotional campaign. The affiliates will have additional flexibility to generate referral-based sales. 

On the other hand, you’ll earn more profits through the referred customers. 360 Referral Program Suite offers the tools to enable the affiliates to generate more referrals and revenues effortlessly.

9. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Bamboo Referral Program


The bamboo referral program was developed to help business owners who want to use their current customer base to attract more customers through referrals.

Every time a new affiliate joins this program, a link is created. And whenever they sell via that link, it results in a commission. With this, the consumer will be geared to recommend one or more persons. 

10. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Influitive


Build an affiliate network with Influitive. Allow customers and partners to perform referrals using Influitive. Encourage them to partake in competitions, social media postings, product evaluations, and other tasks. As they complete these activities, they accumulate points, badges, and levels that give them access to workplace advantages and privileges. 

Integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) to quickly observe and report on all actions performed and the ROI of those activities while guiding members through the entire customer experience.

11. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Influencer Marketing Hub


Influencers may make a significant contribution to your company’s success. Therefore, it is worthwhile to collaborate with influencers and explore their potential. You will need to control every influencer who works hard to assure your business’s success. 

Influencer Marketing Hub is helpful in this situation. With the aid of this software, you will efficiently enroll influencers and manage them. Additionally, it provides a simple interface for getting things done.

12. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Goaffpro


You may check out Goaffpro if you’re looking for affiliate software with all the necessary features. No matter what kind of goods you sell in your shop, use Goaffpro.

After that, you may create links for the goods you sell to sign up affiliates and market them. Affiliates for your company only need to advertise the links to earn commissions.

Goaffpro monitors whenever a lead patronizes your store. Then, it automatically pays the affiliates their commission.

13. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Awin

awin affiliate software for ecwid

Awin offers twenty years of experience and a global network of people, technology, and business analytics insights. Awin provides the tools your business needs. And this is irrespective of the affiliate’s nature and service level. It offers solutions to promote sustainable development.

Awin’s international affiliate network is supported by 15 offices, 1,200 employees, 241,000 publisher contributors, and 21,200 advertisers.

To assure your shop’s improvement, take advantage of the influence of these affiliates. Use Awin to take advantage of all the tremendous advantages that this affiliate software has to offer.

14. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: Everflow

everflow affiliate software for ecwid

Everflow provides your affiliate marketing activities with a data-based solution. It acknowledges the need for you to keep an eye on every referral channel used by your affiliates.

Also, it offers a method for doing so. Everflow determines which performance channel has more leads. It provides detailed data analytics of visitors to your sales website. 

Additionally, it generates discount coupons that your affiliates may publish on their social media accounts and tracks impressions there.

15. Best Affiliate Software For Ecwid: SalesCamp

salesscamp affiliate software for ecwid

SalesCamp is a complete cloud-based CRM system to take into consideration. With SalesCamp, you can access a comprehensive and tailored sales suite. It guarantees the expansion of your brand. Also, you will be able to influence your sales cycle’s progress at every stage positively.

As a result, SalesCamp is helpful to any organization size. With the aid of SalesCamp, you can streamline your sales procedure and increase client success.

Final Thoughts

That’s it – the top 15 best affiliate software for Ecwid. You have a wide range of software at your disposal. So, why wait any longer before you leverage an affiliate marketing software? 

Get started with Metricks today. Or contact us here, while we show you around. 

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