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Top 10 Best Affiliate Software For Squarespace 


In the marketing industry, we have so many affiliate software for Squarespace. As a result, it can be daunting to select the right one. The best affiliate software for Squarespace helps business owners seamlessly manage their affiliate marketing programs. 

However, we’re here to ease your stress. That’s why we’ve sifted through the library for the best affiliate software for Squarespace. Eager to select the best? Read up this article for a detailed review of each affiliate software for Squarespace. 

Table of Contents

1. iDevAffiliate 


Many businesses use the iDevAffiliate software to track affiliate programs. Also, they use it in monitoring and managing commissions. iDevAffiliate successfully handles commission and payment schemes. It includes reporting, marketing templates, invoices, shopping carts, etc. 

The various commission options to select are percentage, recurring, PPA, flat-rate, or PPC. Also, you can set up to 100 primary levels or up to ten tiers.

This best affiliate software for Squarespace provides monthly video training to ensure that affiliates are profitable. This affiliate software for Squarespace offers flexibility, technical support, reliability, as well as other features that you’d expect from high-quality software but at a very low cost.

Furthermore, users may produce Facebook and Twitter material that affiliates can post straight from their accounts. It also provides auto-generated QR codes which includes the affiliate’s URL for online and offline marketing usage. Affiliates can even ask for special “vanity” coupon codes, which users can accept or reject.

Key Features of iDevAffiliate

  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Powerful security encryption
  • Customizable HTML



After acquiring ShareAsale,, and other affiliate networks, the German AWIN network (previously Zanox) has become the world’s largest affiliate software for Squarespace. Affiliates find it to be a good platform. 

This plugin automatically changes the URL to a tracking link whenever a user clicks on an affiliate link. So, it alleviates the burden of creating affiliate links. This enables you to concentrate on the content while using standard links on your site. 

Convert-a-Link will take care of the rest if the links belong to an AWIN advertiser. AWIN is not the most user-friendly and best affiliate software for Squarespace. This is because the menus are somewhat complex because of too many functions. 

Key Features of AWIN

  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • API
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Multi-Campaign
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Social Promotion

3. Refersion


Refersion grew from a beta software to an alpha profitable one in just two years. This affiliate marketing software for Squarespace has around 20,000 clients after seven years in the sector.

It is popular among retailers and partners. And the reason for this remarkable feat is due to its excellent customer service. 

In addition, the Refersion marketplace displays affiliates for you to find. This feature allows you to expand your program more quickly.

Affiliates get access to a customized dashboard where they may track their activities, commissions, and disbursements. You become more visible when Refersion publishes your affiliate program in the marketplaces for free. 

Refersion integrates with Squarespace, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento (an Adobe Company), and WooCommerce are just a few of the leading commerce platforms that Refersion interacts with BigCommerceand many more. 

Key Features of Refersion

  • Branded affiliate portal
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Commission structures
  • Conversion monitoring
  • Recurring performance reports
  • Digital sales tracking
  • Real-time clicks

4. LinkTrust


LinkTrust is one of the best affiliate software for Squarespace. Besides that, it is a lead generation service available on the market. Business owners use this software to track and optimize affiliate campaigns.

The plugin is especially real-time. Thus, it provides reports you can use to make smarter business decisions. 

Various people and businesses can track advertising, leads calls, and affiliates using this digital software for Squarespace businesses. Marketing companies, advertising agencies, advertisers, and other networks are not exempted. 

If you need practical, easy and seamless affiliate program tracking, LinkTrust is for you. It would help you from creation, design, and execution to management.

Key Features of LinkTrust

  • A/B testing
  • Analytics
  • Conversion tracking
  • Custom URL branding
  • Clicks monitoring
  • Rewards management
  • Product sales tracking
  • Real-time reporting 

5. Metricks 


Metricks is a relatively new affiliate tracking software. It enables businesses to launch and manage their affiliate marketing program with ease.

Advertisers and publishers may now readily access affiliate marketing with this platform. This best affiliate software for Squarespace is well popular. This is due to its simplicity. 

This platform is a one-stop shop for setting up an affiliate marketing network in just five minutes. Referral tracking, simplified payments, reporting, and conversion monitoring are all made easier with Metricks. 

Also, it includes many vital features. These are personalized interfaces, analytic tools, and quick customer service.

Advertisers may give bonuses to their top-performing affiliates, which can be tracked on the platform’s customisable dashboard. You already know that incorporating affiliate software into your website is one of the most effective ways to boost profit, traffic, and SEO. 

Thus, Metricks makes it simple for you by keeping track of all your affiliates, sales teams, and influencers’ success. It provides you with the crucial data and statistics to help you succeed.

Key Features of Metricks

  • Anti-fraud intelligent tools
  • Multiple commission structure
  • Launch affiliate programs easily
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Unique tracking links generation
  • Multilingual support
  • Geo-targeting
  • Post-purchase widget 
  • In-app messaging
  • Upload creative assets and many more.

6. Commission Junction (CJ)


CJ is a traditional affiliate network headquartered in the United States. Also, it is quite large, with branches worldwide. It has a large number of affiliate firms. Some of these include GoDaddy and Constant Contact

Commission Junction is an affiliate platform where you can advertise and earn money by promoting hundreds of items.

This worldwide affiliate marketplace is a fantastic way for publishers to engage with affiliate programs offered by thousands of online businesses. Adding a simple line of JavaScript to your website will allow you to transform your outbound links into affiliate links automatically.

However, from our findings, CJ’s software is very sluggish. When loading a page, it takes about 5-10 seconds for anything to display on your monitor. To get up and running, Also, its onboarding process might take a long time. Plus, the platform is designed for seasoned affiliate marketers.

Key Features of Commission Junction 

  • Real-time reporting
  • Deep-link generator

7. ShareASale


ShareASale is an easy-to-use affiliate software for Squarespace. This software provides access to various marketers and affiliate networks. It is meant for online business owners looking to grow their customer base and sales. The service has been operating for over 13 years and has helped over 8 million retailers. 

ShareASales’ user-friendly interface makes it easy to interact with your affiliates. The affiliate software for Squarespace gives you full control over creating an affiliate program.

And you can choose the duration of the report and the data to track. Affiliate pricing and customizable commissions can inspire affiliates. Also, its auto-marketing emails can save you time.

Key Features of ShareASale

  • Affiliate education
  • Click tracking
  • APIs
  • Affiliate diagnostics
  • Program training tool
  • Multiple stores connect

8. Post Affiliate Pro 


Post Affiliate Pro is yet another best affiliate software for metricks. The software has over 27,000 businesses using it. Post Affiliate Pro allows you to build and run your affiliate program from scratch. Post Affiliate Pro works with more than 200 different CMS systems and payment processors.

It helps eCommerce websites and online stores increase revenue and visitors. Businesses use this best software for Squarespace to manage, monitor, and analyze affiliate performance data.

Also, it enables them to collaborate closely with their affiliates. As a result, they can draw in more clients and increase revenue.

Post Affiliate Pro uses various tracking methods. Thus, making it the best affiliate software for Squarespace. 

Key Features of Post Affiliate Pro

  • Accurate tracking
  • Affiliate fraud detection
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Customized affiliate tracking code
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Affiliates management system

9. Partnerstack


PartnerStack is a B2B SaaS specialist affiliate software for Squarespace. The platform’s built-in marketplace and automation payment processes help software companies and partners generate regular revenue and develop faster. Its automation handles all the most time-consuming parts of maintaining your relationships. It streamlines the process and allows you to focus on other essential activities.

The tool is quite useful. For instance, it allows you to construct deep linking. In addition, its UI is very smart. So, you can easily connect a Stripe account for payments. Users can simply promote, administer, and grow their partner programs. They can automate partner onboarding, training, incentives, and payments. 

Also, users can track program success and data, using the platform.

Every PartnerStack partner has a unique dashboard. And this allows them to monitor their success easily, access materials, withdraw cash, and explore new programs to join, such as yours.

Key Features of PartnerStack

  • Lead management
  • Campaign management
  • Affiliate payout system
  • Analytics
  • Promotional offers 
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Email campaign editor

10. Tune


Tune is a robust SaaS platform that focuses on partner marketing services for online and mobile platforms. With its rich collection of features, it assists you to develop, manage, and improve your existing partner programs. Tune distinguishes itself from its competitors with configurable dashboards, white labelling, and swiftly stored reports. 

Tune has inbuilt postback features. Its affiliate automation tools are a bonus that will help your business streamline everything related to partner marketing. Tune has an extremely user-friendly and straightforward user interface. 

The fraud prevention system highlights irregularities in referrals and sends them to you for evaluation. You can customize everything, including approvals, pay intervals, currencies, and payment processors, to your liking.

Key Features of Tune

  • Tracking solutions
  • Partners program customization
  • Partners management
  • Conversion tracking
  • Real-time reports
  • API & developer tools

Final Thoughts on the Best Affiliate Software For Squarespace

This article contains the top 10 best affiliate software for Squarespace. However, having compared each program, we’ll conclude by saying choose Metricks. You can launch your affiliate program with Metricks today in less than 5 minutes.

How Can Metricks Help You

1. Stress-free Affiliate Program

2. Free Trial

3. Fraud Prevention

4. Automated Payment System



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