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40+ Affiliate Marketing Tools To Boost Sales [free And Paid]


For legitimate passive income, affiliate marketing is a burgeoning sector, but you need the best affiliate marketing tools to succeed. If you’re serious about increasing your affiliate marketing performance, you owe it to yourself to examine some of the best affiliate marketing tools available today. These tools will help you save endless hours and days by eliminating the need to do tasks manually. Also, it will save a great deal of money, time, and stress.

Fortunately for you, we know everything about the best affiliate marketing tools that may help you improve your digital marketing strategy.

You can develop websites and landing pages, measure conversion rates and commissions, and do much more with the best tools for affiliate marketing.

Let’s start now.

25+ Best Affiliate Marketing Tools


1. AdThrive


Most affiliate marketers use Google AdSense, and it enables you to build up ad blocks that other websites may purchase for use. And while earning extra money through AdSense is nice, it’s challenging to establish a profitable online business when you only get a few dollars for ad revenue for every 1,000 website visits. Now, this brings us to AdThrive.

AdThrive partners with your team to increase the success of your advertising. Also, it boosts the effectiveness of your ads by thoroughly examining your stats to determine which advertising will have the best results on your website. Therefore, it increases click-through rates on your adverts, increasing income.

2. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is one of the best affiliate marketing tools that give marketers detailed information on backlink increases among competitors. Also, it provides information on broken links on your website, new and lost backlinks, and sites linking to them.

In addition, Ahrefs look for the best competitor content to help you develop fresh ideas for your website’s content. Besides, Ahrefs is one of the free affiliate marketing tools available since it offers free trials. 

3. Metricks


With Metricks, a cutting-edge affiliate marketing solution, you can quickly launch and create your own affiliate program. Even though Metricks isn’t free, its 14-day free trial provides all the solutions you need to scale your business. You can track, evaluate, and improve your campaign in real-time with Metricks’ many features.

4. Yoast SEO


Yoast is a plugin that offers sophisticated SEO features to every landing page. Other features of Yoast are canonical link, sitemap, meta robots, and title/meta tag customization. Yoast is one of the best affiliate marketing tools because it helps optimize your website to rank on search engines. 

5. AdPlexity


One of the best affiliate marketing tools for ad intelligence is AdPlexity. This tool enables you to monitor the successful advertisements of your competitors across various ad kinds, such as mobile, eCommerce, desktop, push, etc.

For instance, AdPlexity’s mobile product monitors your competitor’s successful campaign. By studying effective advertisements, you may improve your marketing selections.

Therefore, you can duplicate what is already effective and make it your own instead of developing it all from the start while hoping that you have made some advertising that will have outstanding results.

6. Everflow


Everflow allows enterprises to expand more quickly and be successful with affiliate marketing. This is one of the best affiliate marketing tools, and the reason is that it helps brands to boost sales. Its tremendous features allow businesses to plan, evaluate, and enhance ongoing and upcoming campaigns.

Furthermore, other features of Everflow are fraud prevention, tracking, in-depth analysis, automated campaigns, and post-conversion tools. 

7. Grammarly


For individuals who often post content on their affiliate website, Grammarly is a necessity. Said, Grammarly is an enhanced version of your standard spell-checker. It does not just flag spelling mistakes. Additionally, it highlights grammatical errors, including improper word and comma usage. 

Grammarly is one of the free affiliate marketing tools. And its free version is available to everyone. However, the premium version has more in-depth content evaluation features. 

8. AnyTrack


Affiliate marketers can track and analyze their conversion statistics throughout their marketing stack with the help of AnyTrack. The software can help you base all your marketing insights on data. Therefore, offering you the opportunity to send conversion events without coding experience. This is one of the free affiliate marketing tools. 

9. Google Analytics


One of the best tools for affiliate marketing is Google analytics. It helps monitor your website’s progress and reveals the source of traffic on your site. Savvy affiliate marketers use this solution to track on-site transactions. Google Analytics is among the free affiliate marketing tools used to analyze user activity with Google dashboards without a cost. 

10. MobileMonkey


MobileMonkey offers digital marketing solutions designed exclusively for Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger advertisements are one of the more well-liked MobileMonkey affiliate marketing tools.

Smart marketers take advantage of messenger advertisements in 2022. And the reason for it is that Facebook Messenger ads are distinct from standard Facebook ads. Messenger ads outperform standard Facebook ads because they engage chatbots in more interesting conversations.

11. Unbounce


Unbounce is a famous landing page builder for digital marketers. It needs no coding and includes some of the most outstanding affiliate lead-generating capabilities. Conversion Intelligence and Smart Traffic are two elements that set Unbounce apart from the competition.

The whole funnel has to be tailored to the audience when operating highly targeted initiatives, such as account-based marketing campaigns—because of this, having personalized landing pages is essential. Use a platform like Unbounce to quickly create several campaign-specific landing pages while building your marketing funnels

Thus, conversion rates will surely increase, and search engines will commend you.

With Unbounce, you can quickly create high-converting sites by copying the most well-liked landing pages. Additionally, you may A/B test various landing page combinations to determine the most effective messaging and layouts.

12. Voluum


An ad monitoring system made exclusively for affiliate marketers is called Voluum. Voluum allows you to monitor your advertising campaigns, gather insights from data, and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising. Furthermore, Voluum accepts all forms of advertising, including Native ads, pop ads, search ads, display banners, push notification ads, video ads, and so on. 

13. OptinMonster


For small enterprises, OptinMonster is one of the best tools for affiliate marketing. It is mainly used for lead creation. You can create responsive, customized opt-in forms for your mobile marketing that convert website visitors into email subscribers with the aid of OptinMonster. Additionally, it is simple to set up and interact with all the leading email service providers.


You are probably aware that the affiliate links you post include long strings of numbers and letters that are impossible for anyone to remember. Hence, a WordPress plugin called Pretty Links transforms your unattractive, challenging affiliate links into attractive, branded links that are simple to distribute. And keep in mind.

15. ThirstyAffiliates


One of the best affiliate marketing tools is ThirstyAffiliates. It is a WordPress plugin and tool for managing affiliate links. ThirstyAffiliates provides comprehensive reporting, geographic linking, auto-linking to specified keywords, and 404 error checks.

ThirstyAffiliates may be a better option for you if Pretty Links doesn’t have all the features you’re looking for.

16. Flippa


The requirement to create a brand-new website from the start for each of their new product offers a challenge that affiliate marketers frequently encounter. This takes a lot of effort and results in you having practically little SEO strength, which takes years to develop.

Affiliates may locate pre-existing domains for sale that already have a domain authority (DA) score that won’t make it difficult for customers to find your content on Flippa, a domain marketplace.

17. Paypal


In the world of e-commerce, PayPal is a tremendously helpful tool. However, most persons do not handle it properly. Many customers will see your goods when you sell online and maybe add them to their shopping cart. But they may leave without ever making a purchase. 

Here PayPal enters the picture. One can now set up an account through the PayPal site so that payments will be automatically handled whenever clients make an online purchase from you.

The consumer is not required to apply for a new credit card or to provide any sensitive financial data. All the buyer has to do to make the payment is sign into their PayPal account and choose PayPal. It’s that simple.

18. ClickBank


A well-known international retailer, ClickBank has its own affiliate market. ClickBank may be a fantastic option if you’re seeking for goods to sell with a solid payback history.

Its tools include chances to trade using the marketplace, research and purchase new items, locate top-performing products to advertise, and take online courses in performance marketing to learn how to make money online.

Typically, affiliates in the following categories utilize ClickBank:

  • Affiliates seeking to get their feet wet in online product sales and learn the ropes.
  • Those want to create a side business to augment their income.
  • Existing affiliates who are expanding their product and who can use ClickBank to automate new sales.

With the help of affiliates from all across the world, ClickBank has reached over 200 million clients. Because of its constantly changing selection of digital and tangible items, affiliates use ClickBank.

Additionally, ClickBank asserts that it has not missed a payment in more than 20 years if you’re seeking dependability.

If ClickBank doesn’t have what you’re searching for, check out ShareASale. ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network similar to ClickBank, where affiliates may choose goods to promote and make money on referrals on those products.

19. Zeropark


Try one of the best affiliate marketing tools, Zeropark, if you want to control your own advertisements. This tool is suitable for skilled performance marketers. It is an advertising platform that enables the speedy creation of ad campaigns in various formats. This comprises domain redirects, in-app, pop-up,in-page, and push notification ads.

The primary perk of this tool is its quick campaign approval procedure. If you are well-versed with Facebook advertisements and other platforms, you know that the approval process for ads wastes time. Even worse, they may be rejected, And this frequently happens in the affiliate marketing industry.

However, Zeropark has a committed staff for quick campaign approval. Also, it provides information on how to approve an advert after rejection. 

20. Majestic

Majestic is a piece of SEO software created primarily for link analysis. More importantly for bringing traffic to your website are backlinks. Due to its singular focus on links, it can also help you build more backlinks.

The pages detected for your site and backlink profile will be displayed when you use Majestic SEO to assess a website. If a page has a crawling issue, you may fix it, and Majestic will then accept the link again. At first, it just crawled links.

Because of this expansion, more data had to be scanned and analyzed to offer more details about the factors influencing each backlink. It comes with the base plan, but you have to pay extra for its extra features.

21. Buffer


One of the best tools for affiliate marketing is Buffer. It is ideal if you want to run advertisements across all social media platforms and is a well-known tool for managing social media. Here, you may schedule posts and check on the status of your postings.

Also, you may keep an eye on the activity of your followers and decide when is the best moment to post your material based on that.

22. Poweradspy


You may quickly increase the size of your email list with the free Facebook advertising spy application Poweradspy. You may search for advertising based on demographics, geography remarks, and other factors. With its assistance, you may expand video advertisements on Facebook – the ideal business associate for a novice affiliate marketer.

23. Circleboom


A one-stop shop for social media management is Circleboom Publish. With it, you can schedule your post for a particular time. It comprises user-friendly built-in tools like Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy that let them plan their social media postings. You may manage one social media account for free and schedule and queue posts simultaneously, but you must upgrade your subscription to access other features.

24. Mailchimp


Create email campaigns quickly by using Mailchimp. Building an effective sales funnel is crucial if you own an affiliate marketing program.

But you can only achieve this with reliable email marketing software. You may manage 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails monthly with a free account and only paid tiers to offer autoresponders and lead generation tools. 

25. Woorank


A complete website promotion tool is Woorank. You may evaluate the SEO effectiveness of your website and find issues, and it addresses all on-page SEO issues and gathers information from social network accounts to improve ranking. So, if you want to start affiliate marketing, this is your most excellent SEO tool.

Other Great Affiliate Marketing Tools

  • Hootsuite – A fantastic tool for social media management.
  • Instapage – A landing page builder that makes the process of creating landing pages easier.
  • Canva – Tired of spending money on a designer to develop eye-catching photos for your blog? Canva’s software is so simple to use that I can create a decent-looking image with it.
  • Google AdWords – A PPC tool that assists you in attracting targeted website traffic (best used in the early stages of building your affiliate site)

FAQs About Affiliate Marketing Tools

Are There Good Free Tools For Affiliate Marketing?

Sure, there are many free affiliate marketing tools. However, paid premium tools can provide more versatility, better functionality, and a greater variety of features.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

Being an affiliate marketer necessitates knowledge, expertise, and hard effort. It is not a quick or easy path to success, but when done correctly, it can create substantial money. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you must learn to use affiliate marketing tools that makes your job easier.

Final Thoughts On 25+ Affiliate Marketing Tools To Boost Sales

We have an extensive selection of affiliate marketing tools. Feel no obligation to use them all, and choose the tools based on your present need.

No matter the size of your business, these are the best tools for affiliate marketing. However, consider expanding your clientele with Metricks.

Metricks affiliate marketing software interfaces with various products, including shopping carts, payment processors, CRM tools, plugins, landing sites, email marketing, etc. Sign up with Metricks today.

How Can Metricks Help You

1. Stress-free Affiliate Program

2. Free Trial

3. Fraud Prevention

4. Automated Payment System



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