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50+ Successful Etsy Shop Ideas For 2022


Launching an Etsy shop can be daunting, but there are limitless possibilities for successful Etsy shop ideas. Also, there are various innovative ways of making money on Etsy. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy DIY projects or would like to make money from creative pursuits, such as sock knitting or paper handicraft. 

Selling on Etsy is an effective way to attract clients! Are you looking for the best Etsy shop ideas for 2022? Well, look no further!

What is Etsy?


Etsy is a platform where creators and designers sell their items. Etsy is best known for its handcrafted toys, collectibles, art, housewares, vintage household equipment, jewellery, apparel, celebration items, craftwork, and much more. 

Unlike other platforms, everything on the Etsy site is created, catalogued, and sold by its sellers. Shop owners on Etsy manufacture their goods and manage their orders and stock levels.

At the same time, Etsy will serve as a middleman. The purpose of this platform is for independent creatives to search for and drive clients.

In 2015, Etsy launched its website, which has generated over 4.3 million visitors as of 2021. In addition, if you want to start a dropshipping business, Etsy works exclusively with publishing companies like Printify and Printful. As a result, you can start a business on Etsy and earn passive income.

Easy Etsy Shop Ideas


Products that are simple to sell on Etsy are those that customers are looking for online but don’t have a lot of options. And there shouldn’t be too many Etsy shops selling something similar to what you intend to sell.

For example, many customers buy jewellery on Etsy. However, the site has over 12 million listings, and thus, it is not easy to get to the top of that list for shoppers to see your jewellery.

So, rather than creating and selling a gold necklace that is too broad, you can give it a unique name—for example, a gold and black necklace with sapphire. 

Individuals always search for an “evil eye necklace” instead of the typical “gold necklace” every month. Yet, no one has ever searched for a “gold necklace with sapphire.”

When you search for the right keywords with low competition and high search volumes, you’ll find the best Etsy shop ideas that sell quickly.

How To Choose What To Sell On Etsy


So, you are a crafty person who wants to sell on Etsy. You are too creative, but you don’t know which Etsy shop ideas are the best. Here are some points to consider before choosing what to sell on Etsy. 

Are you Creating Something that People Will Love to Buy?

Before choosing the best Etsy shop ideas, it is vital to understand your products. First, ask yourself, am I creating something people will love to buy? It is okay if your response to the above question is “NO.”

However, because your craft doesn’t translate into a marketable product doesn’t mean it is not worthwhile. 

For certainty, ask a couple of trusted friends for their opinions. Look out for honest reviews rather than ego boosts. Try not to let too many ideas cloud your judgment. 

Lastly, don’t doubt yourself! If you still receive a NO, but you’re hell-bent on starting a company, what can you do to make your concept more appealing to potential customers? Try various materials, and seek help choosing trendy colours or styles. Lastly, add fascinating details, and so on.

Do you Love Your Skill?

This question may sound absurd. But imagine doing a skill for the next 3-5 years. If you enjoy sewing, do you think you’ll want to do it all the time? If you can’t keep up with the skill, find something that will give you joy over time. 

Conduct Some Research

While considering the best Etsy shop ideas, hover over Etsy. Are there any products on the market that are similar to yours? What makes yours unique? Will your products be superior to what already exists? 


Will potential customers notice your items? When you search for them, how many results do you get? After typing your keywords into the search box, what phrases appear in the drop-down box? Those are hints about what people are looking for and how they are phrasing it. Check them out! 

Don’t Create a Product

This is not to demotivate anyone from being clever or innovative. People need to realize your product is available to look for it on the internet.

Perhaps you have an eye for selling fashionable elbow pads or cat shoes. That’s fantastic and unique! 

However, you will spend too much time and effort to enlighten your customer about your product. It might lead to confusion.

It’s not that they won’t like it, but you’ll have to explain and “sell” it to them before they realize they need it. And they may not be interested in listening to your entire sales pitch.

On the flip side, let’s assume you would like to sell t-shirts. Everyone knows what a “t-shirt” represents, and thus, there will be no need for an explanation.

T-shirts are among the best Etsy shop ideas because it has a high search volume. Now, do you catch our drift?

Furthermore, if you genuinely believe in your game-changing idea and want to back it up, go for it. Don’t allow us to obstruct your progress!

Consider your Startup Cost

Do you require tools or equipment that you do not have? Do you need a camera, laptop, printer, and software? Can you afford any or all of the items? Even if it’s only a few hundred dollars, spending money without a sales guarantee can be difficult. 

Determine the minimal amount of what you require to get started. Start small and make enough sales to cover the next phase of your business. So you will have enough profits to help you develop your business.

50+ Etsy Shop Ideas


Here are 50+ simple Etsy shop ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Each of these Etsy shop ideas has tens of thousands of search volumes on the platform. 

50. Jewellery

Jewellery is one of the best Etsy shop ideas. There’s always a high demand for distinctive, custom jewellery on Etsy. 

However, while you have many competitors, there are ways to make your jewellery stand out. You can specialize your store by creating specific types of jewellery, such as gemstones or rustic metal pieces, that you can start from scratch.  

For instance, if you want to sell necklaces, why not make stylish ones like unicorns or sparkles? You’ll stand out better when your products are eye-catching and unique. 

49. Items for Pets


Looking for the best Etsy shop ideas, look no further than pet items. Pets are the new cool kids! Consumers are willing to spend money on their pets. So, there is a sizable market for handcrafted pet accessories.

Some examples are beds, pet tags, hair care, and grooming supplies included in the care kits. Others are handmade toys and goodies.

However, if you prefer to work with your hands, you can sell pictures of custom paintings of your client’s pets.

48. Baby Supplies

Baby Supplies

On Etsy, handcrafted children’s toys are a huge seller. People adore cute wooden toys that are both safe and interesting, and they sometimes spend their whole day admiring cute items for their kids. 

Popular items on Etsy include silicone teethers for kids, hair accessories, and other items. Handcrafted baby supplies are, in fact, one of the best Etsy shop ideas.

47. T-shirt


T-shirts are great Etsy shop ideas because they’re simple to make. This item is one of the best things to sell on Etsy since it’s so easy to get started.

You can team up with Printify, a drop-shipping firm, to help you build and sell t-shirts directly on Etsy.

To know what’s trendy, browse the T-shirt catalogue for Etsy shop ideas.  

46. Candles

Candles are a great business to start on Etsy. By 2025, the candle business will be worth $545.2 million. Also, there will be over 4,000 monthly searches for Etsy candles. Candles are used in various settings outside the home, such as restaurants, spas, and other establishments, with a pleasant ambience.

45. Wedding Invitations


It may surprise you, but wedding invites are among the most popular Etsy shop ideas. You can buy and sell wedding invitations on Etsy. 

Why not make your own wedding invitations or assist other brides in designing their ideal invitation? It’s a simple way to earn some extra cash.

And it can become trendy if you focus on specific niches like destination weddings, vintage-themed weddings, and eco-friendly weddings.

44. Accessories


Without a doubt, accessories are the next big Etsy shop idea. They range from plaid scarves, trendy caps and beanies, and everything else to wrap around.

Sellers worldwide also sell brooches, cute kid bows, bands, fasteners, crowns, and knit on Etsy. These items are too appealing to forego.

43. Woodworks

Woodworking projects fit in well with the handicraft and creator theme on Etsy. Some examples of woodwork projects are serving trays, bookshelves, and other home furnishings. 

42. Authentic Antiques and Vintage Items

Authentic Antiques and Vintage Items

Etsy is one of the few online stores that sell vintage items. Someone in another part of the world might find your boring material interesting. 

So, you can delve deeper into the Etsy vintage category. And this includes everything from household and living items to accessories and collectibles.

41. Fabrics


Fabrics are yet another hot item for Etsy shop ideas. The term “Etsy clothing” results in approximately 3,200 searches per month. 

“Etsy fabric” receives nearly 5,000 monthly searches. Thus, you can use Etsy as a distribution platform to sell your supply or handmade fabrics.

40. Handmade Clay


If you are skilled in creating clay items, you’re good to go! You can create a wide range of items, ranging from clay pots, clay, ceramics, etc.

Polymer clay earrings and rings make excellent gifts or personal accessories. They are simple to make, and the raw materials are reasonably priced. 

You can also construct and sell clay eating sets if you’re more idealistic and want to go big. These items are ideal for Etsy shop ideas. 

39. Homemade Soap

homemade soap

Homemade soap and other body wash are popular on Etsy. This is particularly true if made from all-natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

Consumers are more conscious of the products they use on their skin. As a result, if you’re looking for the best Etsy shop ideas, this is a great niche to explore.

An advantage of specializing in this niche is that homemade soap has a longer life span. So you can make them in large quantities. Then, stock them up and prepare for shipping each time there’s an order through your Etsy shop.

38. Curated boxes


Curated boxes first became popular with companies like Birchbox, and they’ve remained popular ever since.

These products are bundled together in a decorated “box.” Sometimes, they come with an item packaged by the same seller or a different one.

It’s a fantastic way for customers to learn about new brands and products. It also makes a great gift. Buyers are more likely to shop from convenient businesses. On Etsy and everywhere else, curated boxes are handy for gift-givers. 

You can create boxes using any design that your target audience might be keen on, such as locally sourced products, vegan cuisine, or meditation accessories. The options are limitless.

37. Stickers


Stickers are undoubtedly one of the most straightforward Etsy shop ideas right now, and this is particularly true if you are skilled at creating visual art using apps such as Procreate.

Before starting this business, get sticker papers, a high-quality printer, and a sharp trimmer.

You can also create and sell online stickers for social media applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. You could also offer to make unique digital stickers to set your sticker business apart from competitors!

36. Resin-based Products

Resin-based products have recently become popular in the homemade and art industries. Resin is a versatile material, and the end items are pretty lovely.

With Resin, the sky’s the limit. Examples of resin-based things are; pet tags, candleholders, etc.

35. Craft Supplies and Raw Materials

Craft Supplies and Raw Materials

If you want to become an Etsy seller, this is another high-paying niche to join. Craft materials may include wax beads for candle making, findings or components for jewellery, party favours, and sewing materials.

Craft supplies are an exception to the general rule of not being allowed to sell items on Etsy unless they are homemade. Etsy acknowledges that such supplies can come from commercial sources in its Seller Policy.

But, it chastises craft supply sellers for not being open and honest about the materials used, how they got them, and how they are produced.

34. Customized Presents


Seize this opportunity to earn more money on Etsy. Some examples of customized Etsy shop ideas are; photo portraits, mugs, T-shirts, and bride tags. Again, the possibilities for creative thinking are nearly endless.

You can also provide your customers with customized digital items that they can print themselves. Thank you placards and cards, and gift cards are examples of these.

33. Handmade Cosmetics

Handmade Cosmetics

Natural, homemade cosmetics have recently become very popular. People are now aware of the harmful chemicals found in beauty products and skincare.

As a result, almost all these items are made-at-home, locally sourced, and natural. Although, they contain a few chemicals or additives (if any).

So, if you intend to sell handmade cosmetics, inform your clients that they may not have the same long life span as similar commercial products.

32. Curated Wears

Uniquely designed clothes for kids and adults are part of our listings for the best Etsy shop ideas since it’s popular on the platform.


You can sell essential cotton items or knitted/crocheted wear on Etsy as a skilled person. These dresses are highly priced because they are one-of-a-kind and can never be found anywhere else. 

31. Sustainable Items

Recyclable products are becoming increasingly popular as Etsy shop ideas. It is a result of the zero-waste movement resurfacing around the world.

Sustainable products include steel straws, wooden or steel cutlery sets, and bamboo toothbrushes. They may consist of personal hygiene products, such as reusable pads and washcloths. 

30. Face Mask


Face masks aren’t going anytime soon. Since the pandemic’s beginning, the demand for facemasks has been relatively high. Try selling printed masks that are unique and not available anywhere else.

29. Tableware

On the dining table, tableware can help people express themselves. Therefore, design something unique that you won’t find at a large box store.  

28. Customized Phone Cases


Many people change their smartphone cases all the time. And though they do this depending on their mood or even to complement their attire! So if you’re good at creating customized phone cases, they’re successful Etsy shop ideas. 

To keep you inspired, some Etsy sellers earn over $100,000 in a year from selling customized phone cases.  

27. Keychains


These are great for gifts and party favours. They’re simple to make, and you can create them out of pearls, crystals, or even textiles. Furthermore, this is another product that you can customize and charge a lot for.

26. Plant Items


Since pets are the new cool kids, plants are also the new cool pets! There is an increase in the number of parent plants around the world.

And don’t parent always want to give their children the best? So, you can sell lovely pots, vegetation fasteners, and even fashionable plant stands on Etsy.

25. Graphics and Fonts

Graphics and Fonts

Unique and bespoke fonts and graphics are high in demand on Etsy. If you have any design abilities or fine handwriting, this will be an easy niche.

Buyers will always search for something different from what other stores offer. Thus, you must develop your original ideas to stay ahead of the competition.

24. Scrunchies


Yes, scrunchies are still fashionable! This is yet another popular handmade item that has captured the hearts of Etsy buyers across the globe. Scrunchies are available in various forms, sizes, and gorgeous crimson colours.

They are fantastic Etsy shop ideas if you are good at creating, stitching, and keeping up with any possible upsurge of orders.

Silk scrunchies are very popular. The reason is that they reduce hair pulling and clawing when tying or removing your hair from a scrunchy.

23. Knitted Items

Knitted Items

If you love knitting, why not make judicious use of the skill? Some Etsy shop ideas in this category are cute knits such as baby teddies, clothes, winter wear, etc.

However, remember that the items you knit must have different styles from your competitors’.

22. Journals


If you want both physical and digital Etsy shop ideas, journals and planners are fantastic choices. On Etsy, some vendors buy journals in large quantities and customize them.

This is a beautiful idea because many individuals still love keeping physical journals.

In addition, if you’re a badass designer, you can create your own journals and sell digital copies. These digital copies can be used on iPhones, iOS, or similar smart devices.

But if your clients want them printed, you can also grant their requests. Journals is another name for printables. 

21. Skin Care Items


On Etsy, freshly made skincare products are just as trendy as cosmetics. Natural skincare items like creams, face serums, and face oils are among the most profitable Etsy shop ideas.

This niche is growing because people have realized their allergies to ingredients found in conventional beauty products.

As a result, they are on the hunt for different high-quality natural beauty products that are affordable! Though this is another competitive sector in the Etsy marketplace, there are still possibilities for you to begin your beauty line and create custom items for your target market.

20. Home Management

Everyone needs equipment to keep their living space tidy and organized. You can specialize your store by offering home management products such as drawer organizers, kitchen labels, and handmade furniture. 

19. Jewellery Cases

jewellery Cases 

Jewellery cases aren’t merely for storing jewellery. You can keep other objects, such as stationery items in your boxes.

This is one of the best Etsy shop ideas because you can earn lots of profit. Also, customize your boxes and place them on customized themes. 

18. Kitchen Items

Kitchen Items

Kitchen items are a prominent niche to pursue on Etsy. Supplies like candle holders, salt and pepper shakers, bread boxes, and other unusual products not available in major department stores might be tough to come by.

Thus, the ideal method to sell these things in your store is to create themed catalogues or designs. 

17. Homeschool Supplies


Some parents choose to homeschool their children, making it a great niche to venture into.

Assist these parents by creating educational posters, stationeries, and everything they’ll need to tutor their kids. 

16. Suncatchers


Suncatchers capture the sun and glow brightly, producing dazzling colours in the space. It’s becoming a more common product on Etsy.

And making your own might be profitable. Many creatives use glass and plastic to create suncatchers. If this is something you are good at, go for it.  

15. Customized Pillows


Small Etsy shops are popular because the products are typically homemade. Customers love purchasing attractive and unique pillows.

The reason is that they are always available in various designs. And so it is easy for them to find a unique design from what is available in other stores.

Pillows are one of the most exemplary Etsy shop ideas because they are simple to produce. You can even inscribe customers’ initials on a pillow if need be. Start selling customized pillows if you want to supplement your income.

14. Door Wreaths


Wreaths are great options for creative people. All kinds of wreaths are available on Etsy. In fact, door wreaths are also popular Etsy shop ideas.

And creating them is a terrific way for you to earn money by doing what you love. However, make yours stand out by using various forms of materials, shapes, and colours. 

13. Wedding Decorations


Selling wedding accessories is one of the best ways to earn money on Etsy. Weddings are expensive. The bride’s and bridesmaids’ accessories add to the cost of the wedding.

And so, many individuals turn to Etsy in search of affordable alternatives that don’t sacrifice style. If you’re a beginner, we recommend making vintage wedding decorations.

Some wedding decor items to sell on Etsy are wedding gowns, bridal hair accessories, wedding cake toppers, etc.  

12. Baking Tools


More time at home implies more cooking and baking time. Baking tools, particularly those that are personalized, are becoming increasingly common.

Bakers enjoy buying bespoke cookie cutters and cupcake toppers produced with cute, distinctive artwork on Etsy. So, since there’s a tremendous demand for baking tools, they’re also the best Etsy shop ideas. 

11. Purses and Tote Bags

etsy shop purse and tote bags

Everyone loves buying designs that aren’t commonly accessible in different department shops.

Thus, purses and tote bags are other popular Etsy shop ideas. You can offer personalized tote bags and purses with any pattern or graphics. 

10. Art from Various Cultures

art from Various Cultures

Artworks are the most popular Etsy shop ideas. People love watching genuine, original local and international artworks.

And as a result, they buy these items to beautify their homes, offices, and even cars. To attract more customers to Etsy, consider creating art inspired by your culture.

9. Vegan Products


Veganism is becoming more prevalent due to health and moral concerns. Vegan products are made of vegan materials.

Numerous vegan items defy the notion that elegance and a plant-based lifestyle are incompatible.

Without using animal products, such as skin, fur, silk, wool, feathers, bones, or horns, you can create these items.

8. Home Office Equipment

Home Office Equipment

Looking for the best Etsy shop ideas? Look no further than your home office equipment. In recent years, many people have been working from home.

Seize this opportunity and venture into this niche. Provide these remote workers with beautiful equipment to personalize and organize their workspace.

This is among the profitable Etsy shop ideas that let you earn passively. 

7. Party Packs


Parties and gatherings are held almost every weekend, resulting in high demand for party items on Etsy.

You can sell things like customized banners, ornamental grasses, gift packs, and charming-themed table linens. Party packs are excellent Etsy shop ideas. 

6. Stationery Items


Etsy has everything from notepads, dairies, and marker pens to beautiful planner stickers. Customers have always hunted for new products that satisfy their wants.

This makes stationery items simple Etsy shop ideas to sell.

5. Colouring Pages

colouring pages etsy shop ideas

Do you know you can make money when you create colouring pages? 

Adult colouring pages are another excellent option for digital download printables that do not require much more than Adobe Illustrator. 

4. Crystals

etsy shop idea crystals

You probably know how popular crystals are if you know much about them. Selling crystals is one of the most overlooked Etsy shop ideas.

Although, it’s straightforward because it requires no skill. Selling crystals is an excellent option for those who are not crafty. 

3. Beaded Items

beaded bags

Beads are still very fashionable, despite how old they seem. Every day, people use beads to reflect uniqueness in fashion and jewellery, fabrics, crafts, and design.

Beads are now widely available in various colours, styles, and sizes around the globe. Showcase your craftiness on Etsy by selling beaded items ranging from bags, earrings, waist beads, etc.

And, of course, beaded items are the best-selling Etsy shop ideas.

2. Candleholders


Selling candleholders on Etsy will land you many customers, making you a lot of money. Customers enjoy purchasing handcrafted candleholders because they include innovative styles that cannot be found anywhere else.

They also want to buy soy or paraffin candles from small businesses that customize the scents for their consumers.

1. Sex Toys

Although sex toys may not cross your mind when you think of Etsy, it is a great place to sell them. There are a lot of advantages to selling sex toys online.

And Etsy is a fantastic place to start! The business is expected to increase to $36.1 billion by 2027.

But the search for “sex toys” on Etsy gets only 30,000 results, indicating that there is still more room for growth.

Which Handmade Products Sell Well on Etsy?


Let’s get down to it, shall we? The all-important question is, which handmade product sells well on Etsy? 

In all truth, it will be entirely up to you and how much work and resources you are willing to put into your Etsy shop. Naturally, this is variable and may alter as your Etsy shop grows.

However, the most popular handmade Etsy shop ideas may be gift items such as candles and handcrafted soaps. They’re simple to make and incredibly personalized. And these are one of the most popular goods to manufacture and sell on Etsy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it Permissible to Resell Etsy Items?

Etsy specializes in selling handcrafted, antique, and craft goods. Etsy only permits reselling in the categories of antique and craft materials. Everything in the Handmade section must have been manufactured or designed by the sellers.

Is Selling on Etsy Worth It?

One of the most acceptable methods to get things out to the public is to sell them on Etsy. While there are costs, selling products online might be a less expensive choice when just getting started. So, we believe that Etsy is a fantastic way to supplement their income for someone who is just beginning.

What Products Sell for a Lot of Money on Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace where people can come together to create, sell, and buy one-of-a-kind goods. Etsy users typically look for handcrafted items, collectibles, and craft supplies.

With people’s workplaces migrating to their residences during the pandemic, home décor and housing supply purchasing will undoubtedly become a new fad on Etsy in 2022.

So we recommend that you take advantage of these profitable Etsy shop ideas.

How Do I Succeed on Etsy?

Despite the prevalence of simple things to create and sell on Etsy, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success. They are: 

  1. Choosing the Right Keywords to Define Your Products

The goal is for your caption to match the popular words customers use to find your products online. Search engine optimization is the term for this. You can use a keyword research tool to search for these terms.

  1. Using High-Resolution Photographs

This, along with keyword research, is one of the most critical aspects of establishing a successful Etsy business. Buyers use their eyes to shop, and this is an irrefutable fact in the world of eCommerce. 

As a result, make your items as visually attractive as possible so that you can stand out from the crowd on Etsy.

  1. Developing Relationships With Your Clients

While it may not appear so at first, your customers are your most effective marketing weapon. The higher ratings they leave, your Etsy store’s reputation becomes better. And there is no better approach to effective marketing than word-of-mouth!

Final Thoughts on 50+ Etsy Shop Ideas

etsy shop ideas

The superior features and functionality of eCommerce platforms have proven to be a driving force behind the expansion of online stores. However, choosing an appropriate item to exhibit in real shops is difficult. 

But for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of 50+ successful Etsy shop ideas. So, take your time and figure out which product will help you make a substantial profit on Etsy.  

Meanwhile, take advantage of an affiliate marketing program with Metricks to further scale your eCommerce business. 

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